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New KYB Strut Kit Launched

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Global OE suspension manufacturer KYB introduces an all new Strut Kit range, providing a simplified product offering for customers with everything they need in one box.

KYB explained that the new strut kit is perfect for customers who want longer-lasting quality components with the added convenience of reduced fitting costs and the confidence of a perfect fit – first time, every time.

By the time a car has reached 80,000km, strut fluid will have passed through its internal valves over 75 million times, causing gradual wear and deterioration.

This means the struts are no longer providing the correct damping force required to keep car tyres safely in contact with the road – negatively affecting braking and steering performance. In addition, a strut operating in a weakened state will also put more stress on other suspension components, effectively reducing their operational lifespan.

Once a strut has failed and requires replacement, it is highly likely the matching strut mounts, dust boots and bump stops will have worn out as well. The only difficulty is that these components are often hidden from view, so their condition cannot be fully measured until the strut assembly is removed from the car and stripped down.

The introduction of the KYB strut kit simplifies the process for trade installers while offering the obvious safety benefits of a complete strut replacement for vehicle owners.

“The strut is a crucial part of the vehicle’s steering system and greatly affects the alignment of all angles, so it is important to ensure this part is in optimum condition for vehicle safety,” KYB Senior Product Manager, Larry Coulthard, said.

“If you are in the situation where a strut has failed, it is highly likely that the strut mount, dust boot and bump stop will have worn out as well.

“Because of this, we recommend all related components should be replaced at the same time to avoid further problems.

“While replacing struts will restore the vehicle’s suspension to like new condition, replacing the strut mount, dust boot and bump stop at the same time will ensure the prolonging of the strut’s life by providing enhanced protection and support.

“Replacing these parts all at the same time will also allow you to save on labour time, with the kits coming complete with everything you need in the one box.

“Having all the parts you need to enact a complete replacement also ensures installers can avoid that common and frustrating problem where they have quoted a job, pre-ordered a pair of new struts and are dismantling the old strut assembly when the strut mount bearing falls apart, or the dust boot rips open, or the bump stop crumbles in their hands.

“And thanks to the fact that the kits are vehicle-specific by design, you can rest assured each part is ideal for its corresponding make and model for a perfect fit.”

Sixteen vehicle-specific KYB Strut Kit part numbers make up the initial release from KYB with additional vehicle sets to be introduced in the future for an even wider range of vehicles and applications.

KYB is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of OE shock absorbers, so who better to develop and manufacture AM replacement suspension components!

To find more information on the kits, please visit www.kyb.com.au

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