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New Level Of Excellence In Wheel Service Equipment

The new Rotary Wheel Service Equipment range, with its top Italian quality, is now available from Burson Equipment.

One of Australia’s leading automotive workshop equipment suppliers, Burson Equipment, exclusively offers automotive repairers a totally new level of wheel service equipment excellence with the new Rotary wheel service equipment range.

The new Rotary wheel service equipment range brings the world’s latest technology, build quality and productivity boosting wheel service products to Australia’s automotive repairers and wheel / tyre specialists.

Rotary has forged a well-earned reputation for total quality across the decades with its unparalleled range of outstanding lift products, making it the world’s most trusted in that field. The same dedication to total quality, reliability and industry leading technology can be found with the Rotary wheel service product range of wheel balancers, tyre changers and alignment systems from Burson Equipment.

The Rotary wheel balancer range offers a balancer for the vast majority of wheels and workshops from the smallest to the largest. The Rotary tyre changer range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and the company’s premium quality wheel alignment machines allow technicians to complete accurate alignments in as little as 15 minutes, ensuring significant increases in workshop productivity and profitability.

Manufactured in Italy, Burson Equipment’s outstanding new Rotary wheel service equipment range includes the following machines.

Rotary R348 Electronic 3D Wheel Balancer

  • Automatic sonar rim width measurement
  • Automatic distance and diameter input via internal data arm
  • Automatic AluS programs
  • Auto stop of the wheel to the unbalanced position
  • Automatic program features for car, light truck and motorcycle wheels
  • Fast 6 second cycle time
  • Electric brake system
  • Durable weight tray with ample storage for wheel weights
  • Accommodates rim widths from 1.5 inches to 22 inches and rim diameters from 10 inches to 30 inches

Rotary R355 Electronic 3D Wheel Balancer

  • All of the features of the R348 model with automatic AluS1, 2, Start, Start 1 and 2, and Dynamic balancing programs
  • Integrated laser blade for weight placement positioning
  • Integrated LED internal wheel lighting system
  • LCD monitor with linked keyboard
  • Interactive inputs to guide technicians through all phases of the balancing process
  • Multi-user functionality

Rotary R441 Automatic Tyre Changer

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Pneumatic tilt back and clamping system up to 24 inches diameter
  • Pneumatic PLUS83H low profile bead pressing device and bead breaker system
  • Two speed turntable controlled by rotation pedal
  • Pedal operated tubeless tyre inflation system
  • Spring loaded hexagonal shaft with pneumatic locking device
  • Removable pedal unit
  • Plastic jaw and mounting head protectors
  • Heavy duty construction

Rotary R643 High Performance Wheel Changer

  • Top of the range pneumatic tilt back machine with all features of the R441 model plus up to 26 inches external clamping capacity
  • Double acting bead breaker system
  • Heavy duty horizontal shaft on tilt back arm to ensure maximum rigidity
  • Extra-wide heavy duty cabinet

Rotary R1060 8-CCD Wheel Alignment System

  • Multi-axle 8-CCD passenger car alignment system with an Australian and international vehicle database of more than 90,000 vehicle makes and models
  • Wireless infra-red transmission among measuring heads
  • Bluetooth transmission between measuring heads and the control unit
  • 3D animated instructions
  • Automatically measures lowered vehicles
  • Quick run out compensation
  • Customer databank capacity up to 20,000 jobs
  • Three point alloy clamps with 8 to 24 inches rim capacity
  • LCD monitor and Windows based PC operating system
  • Turntables, steering and brake pedal locks
  • Completely mobile console housing
  • Optional STDA14 calibration jig

Rotary R1080 3D Wheel Aligner

  • All of the features of the R1080 model plus the ingenious “Bay Saver” tower free system to maximise workshop space
  • Exclusive and light weight 3D targets utilising solid vision technology through high resolution fixed cameras for high precision
  • Automatic lift level compensation
  • Remote control ability using integrated keyboard
  • LED repeaters for easy under-vehicle reading of adjustment process
  • Fast 8 second alignment readings
  • Optional STDA113 calibration jig
  • As per the entire Rotary wheel service range, this outstanding wheel alignment system is manufactured in Italy

According to Burson Equipment National Sales Manager, Jim Santef, there is no doubt that the new Rotary wheel service equipment range represents an entirely new level of wheel servicing efficiency and productivity for Australian automotive repairers and wheel / tyre specialists seeking to future proof their businesses.

“The most successful automotive workshop owners and managers are not just seeking replacement wheel service equipment, they are seeking an investment towards the long term future success of their businesses. Our new Rotary wheel service equipment range offers the latest technology along with the peace of mind of many years reliable service,” Mr Santef stated.

To find out more and to take a closer look at Burson Equipment’s new range of Rotary wheel service equipment products, contact your local Burson store by calling 1300 287 766

For more visit Burson Equipment online at au/trade-centre/equipment

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