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ACS New Performance Websites

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Australian Clutch Services have announced the launch of their new performance websites.

Australian Clutch Services have recently launched two new websites for their Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback performance brands. The new websites have been designed to offer an improved user interface and to support their worldwide distribution network with clutch information and technical support.

“Our range of performance upgrade kits and our technical database has been growing rapidly over the last several years. We wanted our new websites to reflect this growth and help showcase our products as well as provide a platform for technical support for customers around the world,” says Brenton Jordan, Australian Clutch Services Managing Director. “Each of the sites include information on our latest products as well as vehicle information sheets, FAQ, latest news and our complete performance catalogue.”

The websites are also available in multiple languages to support the ACS export program in Europe and Asia. “Adapting our product range for different markets around the world is something we put a lot of emphasis on to ensure the best clutch solutions for customers in any market,” says Brenton. “Having different languages on the sites allows us to more easily convey technical and product information to the markets as well as reach potential new customers.”

Australian Clutch Services say the new websites cater for their latest performance upgrade solutions and ensures their nationwide distribution network have access to the latest product information and support. “Our previous websites were state-of-the-art when they were released and we are constantly looking to ensure that our systems offer the most user-friendly interface possible to support our extensive customer network,” says Brenton.

“Our latest websites are no different and we have included information on each of the stages of our performance upgrades, our extensive hydraulics range as well as answers to some of the most common questions we receive. This is all designed to assist customers around the globe with selecting the best clutch kit for their specific application.”

The websites are available at www.xtremeclutch.com.au and www.xtremeoutback.com.au.

For more information on the Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback range of products, please contact the friendly ACS sales team on 1800 CLUTCH or email [email protected]

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