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New Ryco Vehicle Specific Kits

Ryco revolutionises fitment of fuel water separator and crankcase filters with its new product offering for popular diesel vehicles.

The fitment of fuel water separator and crankcase filters to diesel powered passenger vehicles has become a popular way to add extra engine protection from contaminants like water in fuel and chemical build up from crankcase gases. However, the installation of these filters has been problematic due to the use of universal type mounting brackets and limited engine bay space.

Thanks to Ryco, this has now been rectified with the release of Ryco Vehicle Specific Fitment Kits (RVSK) for a range of popular diesel vehicles. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, the RVSKs can mount either or both fuel water separator and crankcase filters and have been rigorously tested under high temperature, towing and off-road conditions.

RVSKs are built tough with brackets made from 3mm laser-cut steel that’s also powder coated for added toughness. Additionally, added abrasion resistant insulation has been used on all of the PCV and fuel hoses, to ensure that they are protected from the elements and piercing.

To develop this new range of kits, 3D engine bay scanning was used on a number of the popular diesel powered 4WDs and SUVs to ensure the best location was chosen to fit the mounting bracket.

The result is a twin filter mounting kit that requires no drilling as each bracket has been designed for exact fitment into the pre-existing points in each engine bay. Plus, the included PCV hose is purpose-moulded for a precise fit.

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