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Next Tech Equipment – Solutions to Real-World Concerns

by Digital Mayne Media

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a wheel aligner and scissor lift. We would like to put on the table why NEXT Tech Equipment think you’ll like their offer of alignment scissor lift.

The NEXT N-550 range of scissor lifts will reach alignment height in 35 seconds. That’s the height for an average sixfoot wheel alignment tech to perform adjustments at a comfortable height. Lowering speed is 40 seconds.

We all align those vehicles that are just too low to get on the hoist without using extended run up ramps, right? “Why don’t they just make a hoist that’s low enough to drive on the sorts of cars that we work on”? At just 16.5 centimetres fully lowered the NEXT N-550 range of scissor lifts is one of the lowest in the market. Many of NEXT Tech Equipment customers use these hoists for drift cars and cars like, Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis without the need to use ramp extenders or optional extras. They just drive straight on to the standard hoist – no optional extras, no add-ons just the standard hoist as is. Traditionally, the only way to offer this level of vehicle freedom has been through cutting into the slab and lowering the hoist into a pit. This is no longer required with the NEXT N-550 range.

With a drive on platform length of 5.2 metres wheel aligning vehicles like Dodge Rams or Ford F250s is easily achievable (Only available on the NEXT N-550 W52 range). Stepping out of a vehicle onto a scissor lift or four post hoist platform has always presented a trip hazard. The NEXT N-550 range have extra wide platforms (725mm wide) for the operator to step down out of a cab, finding a secure footing.

At 5.5 tonnes lifting capacity the NEXT N-550 range of hoists are suitable for a wide range of long, heavy vehicles.

The NEXT N-550 range of scissors all have built-in low voltage LED lighting and air locking rear slip plates. This not only leads to a safer, well-lit workplace it also increases productivity. The alignment technician is no longer required to walk around the hoist putting slip plate pins in before an alignment. It also means there is no need to walk around the vehicle to remove pins while aligning saving at least two complete walk arounds every wheel alignment.

The NEXT W-550 WT range of scissor lifts also come supplied with a built-in four-tonne wheels free scissor lift. This allows the alignment hoist to be used as an overflow bay when the pressure is on to fit tyres. It is also great for the smaller shop or dealership where space and productivity are core requirements. This range of scissor is also available with one or two jacking beams for suspension work (jacking beams need to be ordered separately). One hoist for wheel aligning, suspension work and tyre fitting.

NEXT Tech Equipment is owned/run by three long term friends: Matt Jeavons, currently runs his own separate business looking after the financial side of hundreds of small to medium businesses; Tim Green, currently runs and has run for almost 20 years his own wheel service equipment import business, selling and servicing his own range of tyre changers, wheel aligners and wheel balancers; Don McEvoy has worked for many automotive equipment import businesses in both a technical and sales role for more than 25 years.

Tim Green explains: “We saw a need for a business which was based on good old-fashioned honesty and transparency, backed up with what we believe is industries best after sales service. Through experience we knew we could only source our products from major manufacturers but wanted to offer our customers a continuity of brand and strong aesthetic symmetry. We didn’t want to be setting up new shops with different coloured and different branded balancers, tyre changers and hoists etc. We also understood that to gain repeat customers we needed a large holding of spare parts and we needed to be able to offer customers a product which addresses the real world concerns they have. We listened and are proud to say we believe we are delivering on our vision”.

For more information visit nexttechequipment.com.au or email [email protected]

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