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Nitto CMX-20 Multi Sander

In the Body Repair and Refinishing Trades, the Nitto CMX-20 Multi Sander would be good for cleaning spot welds and sanding hard to get to areas.

There are other tools which would be more suited and efficient for regular everyday auto body applications. This sander would be ideal when fine and detailed specialty work is required on a regular basis.

The tool is useful for de-nibbing small paint defects prior to buffing, using fine or super fine sanding discs. It would be ideal in engineering and manufacturing industries where precision cast and mould/ weld finishing are required. It will also remove discolouration caused by welding and light machining imperfections.

In the Automotive Workshop it’s a tool for specialty jobs. When needing a fine finish result or working in a confined area this is the sander you would use, it’s ideal. For all your general and heavy-duty everyday tasks it would be unfair to compare this machine.

Using the sander is a pleasure, it is ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hand. It feels secure and allows the user great accuracy and control. There is very little vibration which adds to its appeal and it is quiet! The airline is beautiful and soft, you can easily have a conversation while operating the machine – for a pneumatic tool this is a huge plus.

The construction of this little sander is outstanding. It has an easy-to-use lever to adjust speed and a palm triggered handle for normal on and off operation. It is made from solid aluminium and features dual roller bearings as a support for the rectangular and finger pad attachments. I am confident that this is a tool that would last many years in service and give no trouble.

The Nitto CMX-20 Multi Sander is packaged in a sturdy and durable plastic box with a removable center shelf and solid external locking clip. There is plenty of room inside for the sander and all three specialty attachments, Allen key and the spanner which are required to change the sander heads.

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