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Nitto Kohki-Kuken Impact Wrench

The pneumatic impact wrench or rattle gun, as it is better known, is one of the staples in the automotive workshop and over time there has been a shift towards the battery powered version.

Whilst battery powered impact wrenches have become quite a good product, there is no denying in a busy workshop the pneumatic rattle gun can be the most reliable option.

Nitto Kohki is best known for its Nitto type air fittings for pneumatic tools and equipment and is also the distributors of Kuken air tools in Australia.

Here at the TAFE NSW Northern Beaches Campus we tool tested the Kuken KW-19HP pneumatic Impact wrench. The KW-19HP is a Japanese made tool and as soon as you pick it up you can tell this is a quality product. Despite being an all steel construction without any rubber cushioning, the impact wrench is ergonomic and comfortable to hold and is very well balanced, weighing in at 2.4kg. The all steel construction makes the impact wrench oil resistant and easy to clean.

The performance of the KW-19HP is very impressive. It has four torque settings and on the highest setting can deliver 500Nm of torque. We tested it out on some stubborn, well rusted bolts and the KW-19HP worked hard and got the job done.

As with all impact wrenches it is advisable to wear hearing protection. Our model also had the extended anvil, which came in handy when we were removing some wheel nuts, as it kept the gun away from the rim, preventing damage whilst also allowing us to stay clear of the wheel arch.

When oiled daily the KW-19HP should keep performing, but if you do have a hiccup, the impact wrench is completely serviceable right here in Australia just by contacting your Kuken supplier.

The KW-19HP is a solid performer and a premium product, this also means it comes with a premium price tag. This tool would be right at home in any busy tyre store and there is no doubt that there is still a place for the pneumatic impact wrench in the modern automotive workshop.

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