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Not just clutch kits, check out these cables

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Australian Clutch Services (ACS) offer more than just standard replacement and performance upgrade clutch kits. It also has expertise in associated accessories for the entire clutch system including hydraulics and actuation components. ACS has recently expanded their clutch cable program to provide an even greater choice for popular makes and models in an effort to support their customers around Australia.

ACS incorporate the clutch cable program under their ClutchPro brand which is focused on standard replacement clutch kits, components and hydraulics. The recent expansion includes a comprehensive review of the range as well as implementing the technical support and associated accessories for fitment.

“Our clutch cable program has been a growing part of our ClutchPro range for many years,” ACS Sales Manager Colin Jevons said.
“The recent review means a significant increase in range coverage and also stock holding to help support customers looking for these components urgently.”

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Clutch cables are a critical and yet often overlooked part of the clutch system and can often cause clutch release issues, especially in high mileage vehicles.

“Although clutch cables are becoming less common in modern vehicles, it is important that we support the aftermarket with high quality replacement components for older vehicles still using these for actuation,” Colin said.
“Our ClutchPro cables come pre-lubricated and also include integral firewall grommets etc. as required for fitment. “Additionally, we have spent a lot of time and effort reviewing the quality and stock availability to ensure we can provide the ideal solution for workshops looking to replace the clutch assembly and cable at the same time.”

In addition to the new cable range, ClutchPro has also been reviewing and expanding their range of fork and pivot ball kits and also hydraulics including replacement master cylinders, boosters, slave cylinders and lines.

“We are always reviewing our range so that we can offer the complete clutch solution for our customers,” says Colin.
“We understand the importance of offering everything for the clutch system to help get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.
“With over 30 years of operations in Australia, we know that it is often the support components that can hold up a clutch replacement job and that our extensive range and support is fundamental to our customers around the world.”

The ClutchPro cable range has already been added to the ACS online catalogue for quick and easy selection. To find a cable for your vehicle, please visit our catalogue here.

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