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Now Is The Right Time To Equip Your Workshop For The Road Ahead

Feedback from Snap-on franchisee network is that at the moment, the industry is buzzing with activity and workshops across the country have never been busier.

The knock-on effect from two years of disruption has created a backlog of vehicle servicing and maintenance work. Meanwhile, new car shortages means more second-hand cars are on the road with an increased focus to maintain and extend the life of these vehicles. This is good news for workshops but they are not without their own challenges.

Ongoing skills shortage and staff availability are still impacting day-today operations. It’s no wonder workshop owners are not getting the chance to stop and take stock. However, now is the time to ensure your workshop has the best tools and equipment to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

With Snap-on’s range of diagnostic test equipment and scan tools, workshops can streamline and optimise repair operations. With smart tools, including thermal imagers that can identify electrical faults or hot spots, through to Snap-on vehicle diagnostic platforms with class leading software packages offering guided test procedures.

With a full range of scanners, thermal imagers and test equipment on offer, technicians can be ready to effectively diagnose and repair the latest vehicle technology with confidence.

This year, Snap-on tools has released new workshop equipment solutions including hoists, air conditioning stations, wheel balancers and tyre changers.

This is alongside an extensive range of technician tools and their ever-expanding diagnostic solutions.

Vehicle hoists are the heart of the workshop and Snap-on has a range to suit your floorspace and workflow from 3.5T double service scissors to 4.5T and 5.4T two post options, as well as 5.4T four post models. These are heavy-duty units that allow you to efficiently manage the increased demand in your workshop.

Maximise technician efficiency with Snap-on scissor lift capable of a nominal load lift in only 45 seconds. Meanwhile, their two post lifts – with dual stage front and rear arms, allows a wider range of vehicles to be raised.

Snap-on’s latest automatic air conditioning stations, reflect the growing demand for high-quality units that make AC service work both safe and profitable. Blizzard IV and Breeze IV units that work alongside leak detection kits, cordless work lights and digital dual thermometers – can increase billable repairs, when performing recovery and recharging of both R134A and R1234yf refrigerants.

Snap-on’s new range of dual speed tyre changers (available in 22″ and 24″) allow technicians to quickly demount, install and safely bead with precise control. The 24″ unit has a top mount pneumatic bead assist making short work when seating the most stubborn tyres.

For fast and precise weighting, Snapon SAPE arm equipped wheel balancers automatically enter wheel configuration then use laser technology to accurately pinpoint weight placement with a fast 4.5 second cycle time.

Service and repair processes can be simplified and streamlined by just having the right tools on hand. It’s now more important than ever to meet customer demands by making your business the “go-to” workshop.

Your local franchisee can talk in detail on how to incorporate Snap-on’s range in a way that optimises your shop’s workflow. Equipment and tools can be purchased withthe help of Snap-on finance solutions.

Explore or speak to your local franchisee to learn more about their full range of workshop equipment and diagnostics.

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