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FUCHS Lubricants Outstanding Performance

Why should your workshop choose FUCHS and their wide range of lubricants?

A long with its innovation, product development and competence, and product quality, FUCHS is a leader in the international lubricant industry.

In addition, FUCHS has received awards from a wide variety of global original equipment manufacturers, including from several industry-respected German automotive brands.

Furthermore, the fast pace of change in lubricant requirements often means that unique vehicle specifications require unique lubricants.

This can pose an issue particularly in the vehicle workshop environment where a multitude of brands often means a multitude of specifications which leads to a multitude of unique lubricants.

As a result, FUCHS endeavours to create products which cover as many of these separate unique products as possible.

One such example is FUCHS’ TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 engine oil.


The Australian and New Zealand car park continues to change with more and more European vehicles appearing on our roads. TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 covers many of these vehicles, not only with its specification claims, but also with its numerous OEM Approvals including:

  • GM dexos 2
  • VW 502.00/505.00 & 505.01
  • MB-Approval 229.51/229.52; and
  • BMW Longlife-04

Furthermore, its ACEA C3 and API SN/ SM specifications and recommendations allows for it to be suitable for Ford, GM and Fiat vehicles.

Features and Benefits

Along with it being specifically developed for BMW, VW and Mercedes Benz vehicles with exhaust after treatment and a turbocharger, the TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 can also offer:

  • Optimum cold start ability
  • Significantly lower fuel and oil consumption
  • Improved ageing stability; and
  • Outstanding performance reserves

In addition, the TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 features FUCHS’ unique XTL® technology.

XTL® Technology – Faster. Stronger. Better For Your Engine.

What is XTL® technology XTL® technology stands for eXtreme Temperature Lubrication, which is a collective term for all measures and technologies that display exceptional performance under extreme conditions and at extreme temperatures.

In selected engine oils, XTL® is already helping reduce fuel consumption compared to standard oils from the SAE 5W-30 viscosity class.

The TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 engine oil with XTL® technology lubricates the engine more quickly, thus providing better protection from start-up wear whilst also helping to lower fuel consumption, not only when the oil is fresh, but throughout the entire oil change interval.

  • In summary, XTL® technology offers:
  • Better low-temperature start-up, including up to 55per cent faster lubrication times* and 35 per cent faster start-up times*
  • Lower fuel consumption: up to 1.7 per cent additional reduction in fuel consumption*
  • Reduced oil consumption: up to 18 per cent less*
  • Improved aging stability: 38 per cent lower increase in viscosity. And thereby higher operational performance.

Compared with a conventional SAE 5W-30 low-friction engine oil.

For more information on the FUCHS TITAN GT1 PRO FLEX SAE 5W-30 or where to find your nearest FUCHS stockist, simply go to http://FUCHS.com.au
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