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PCL Accura MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator Review – Adam Watkins TAFE

Wow, just wow! That’s the feeling you get when using the Accura MK4 Tyre inflator from PCL. After all the years of using an analogue workshop tyre gauge with a rolling dial switching to a digital tyre gauge is a whole new experience. Here at the Northern Sydney Institute Northern Beaches Automotive we tool tested one of these tyre inflators and it was a hit from the word go.
This tool is sleek, lightweight and the blue backlit LCD screen makes reading the gauge a breeze even in the darkest corners of the workshop. It is a single button operation and once you push the ‘Pu’ button the tool turns on. The battery life is displayed as well as the units of measurement. It’s at this point that you can select kPa, psi or Bar. The tool will remember the selected unit of measurement so you won’t have to keep resetting it every time it powers down. The tool is powered by 2X AAA batteries which are easily changed and rechargeable batteries can also be used. The tool automatically powers down after 25 secs of non-use so there is no chance of accidentally leaving it turned on.
The tool is supplied with a calibration certificate and has a working range of between 30- 1720kPa
(4-250 psi). Unlike an analogue gauge there is no need to try and line up the reading. The tyre pressure value is large and easy to read and is accurate to one decimal place.
In the workshop the tyre gauge does get knocked around a bit which isn’t the best thing for a digital tyre gauge. Along with its robust design The Accura MK4 has an impact absorbing bumper to help protect it from the rigors of workshop life and even after 2 weeks in the TAFE workshop environment the gauge and screen survived.
There is no doubt that the PCL Accura MK4 Tyre inflator from England is the next evolution in tyre gauges and in the digital age a must in the modern automotive workshop and we all know digital tools don’t like this!

Tester – Adam Watkins   TAFE NSW

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