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Peak ute bed liner – Herculiner Restore

Ute bed liner

It’s inevitable that using a ute as a work vehicle or even just as a recreational vehicle will mean its load area will be spoiled. Even utes with bed liners will be subjected to fading, plastic deterioration and scratching, but now JB Weld has that problem solved.

JB Weld Herculiner Restore is a new product from a well-known and respected brand. This bed liner restorer can be used on any ute bed liner whether it was a professional installation or a DIY project.

Super coating

Herculiner Bed Liner Restore is a specially formulated spray-on coating that restores any bed liner to its original colour and provides gloss to faded liners. But the most significant feature is that it protects the liner with a new durable coating.

This is not just a spray that will provide a temporary glossy finish to the liner, it will add a resilient coat which will act as a barrier between the original coating and outside elements. The purpose of the spray is to extend the life of the ute liner by adding a polymer coating that adds a membrane or skin to provide added longevity.

Once fully cured, the new topcoat can provide up to 12 months of protection to your ute liner, the duration is dependent on whether the liner is exposed daily for long hours to the sun.

Keeping covered

Like all the Herculiner products, it was designed to be easy to apply. First clean down the liner with soap and water being careful to remove dirt and grease from the surface. After the liner is completely dry, shake the Herculiner Restore bottle and spray onto a cloth for application on vertical surfaces. For difficult to reach areas spray an even coat directly on the surface, this is best applied with a mist spray; the bottle has an adjustable nozzle.

While the product sprays on milky white it dries to a clear coat, however, ensure that you work it well into the surface with a soft cloth immediately for best results. After applying the coat evenly on the bed liner with a soft cloth let it rest for 15 minutes and the ute liner is back to its best.

One bottle is enough to do a ute liner in even larger utes on the market like the Dodge RAM and you can use Herculiner Restore for touch ups on plastic trim parts, but it is recommended to trial a small area first as not all plastics react the same.

Total protection

Herculiner Restore joins other products in the Herculiner range such as the Herculiner Bed Liner Kit which has everything you need to apply a protective coating on ute beds it includes all necessary products such as brushes and sanding materials. There is also the Herculiner aerosol spray which is great for minor touch ups and for hard-to-reach areas, and two different sized tins of Herculiner brush-on bed liner.

Herculiner is a JB Weld product available in Australia through HPP Lunds. For more information visit here or call Ben Leonard on 07 3722 1111.

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