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April 6, 2017 – Innovation, premier quality and a focus on local manufacturing are three key attributes behind the 90 year plus Australian success story that is the Penrite Oil Company.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Penrite, proudly Australian and family owned since 1926, is the first Australian lubricant manufacturer to introduce a new dispensing system that is kind to our environment, decreases packaging wastage, increases bulk lubricant storage capacity, increases workplace safety and saves money.

The Penrite Enviro Box™ oil packaging and dispensing system was unveiled at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket (AAA) Expo in Melbourne from April 6 to 8.

Penrite Enviro Box™ is a ‘bag-in-a-box’ concept; the lubricant is packaged in a bladder bag that is housed inside a recyclable cardboard box, as opposed to the traditional plastic drum. Lubricant can be extracted from an Enviro Box™ in the following ways:

• Gravity fed through a tap into a 6 litre jug and then dispensed into the vehicle,
• Pneumatically pumped directly into the vehicle
• Hand-pumped directly into the vehicle

Penrite Enviro Box™ packages are stored on an Enviro Box™ dispensing stand or trolley, depending on the method of extraction.

The Penrite Enviro Box™ cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable. Considering the many thousands of 20 litre plastic drums disposed of each year, the Enviro Box™ will result in an 85% reduction in landfill waste per unit produced. Toby Dymond, General Manager Penrite Oil, is enthusiastic about the prospective impact that this program will have on the environment.

“Penrite is proud to be the first Australian oil company to introduce the Enviro Box™, which we believe will reduce the use of plastic drums significantly, representing a major step forward in our industry being more environmentally responsible”, Mr Dymond said.

For workshop customers, Penrite has partnered with Cleanaway, Australia’s leading waste management company, to provide a simple option for disposing of the empty Enviro Box™ bladder bags. Interested customers contact Cleanaway on 13 13 39 to set up an account. They will be provided with a Cleanaway collection bin. The empty bags are deposited into the bin and once the bags are ready for collection customers simply call Cleanaway on 13 13 39. Collection will start in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth before a later roll out to regional areas.

“We’re excited to partner with Cleanaway to make sure that the bladder bags are responsibly collected and recycled, so the environmental impact of the use of plastic drums in the automotive industry can be mitigated”, Mr Dymond said.

“It is a great initiative for Penrite to take a proactive step in making package recycling widely accessible for the automotive industry” said Mark Smith, National Sales & Value Chain Manager for Cleanaway. “This is an exciting partnership for us as we can utilise our national network to help Penrite deliver this environmentally sustainable product.

“As an Australian-owned company with over 50 years of experience supporting Australian businesses, we’re proud to offer this collection service to Penrite customers, helping workshops to reduce their waste and work towards making a sustainable future possible,” Mr Smith stated.

With workshops currently spending up to $100 per fortnight ($2,600 per year) on the disposal of empty plastic 20 litre drums, this service presents significant cost savings for workshops. It also eliminates both the hassle and the risk of physical harm that is associated with trying to find cost effective ways of crushing, cutting and disposing of empty 20 litre plastic drums.

The total practicality of the Penrite Enviro Box™ system cannot be understated. Workshops can order their own selection of Penrite lubricants to suit their most frequent servicing requirements, thereby ensuring they have the right lubricant for the right application on hand at all times. Each Enviro Box™ also features a ‘Litres Used’ recorder to easily track when it is time to reorder and when the packaging is empty.

Having fast and easy access to a broad range of lubricant products is increasingly important as the Australian car parc becomes increasingly complex and the applications specified by vehicle manufacturers increases. The Penrite Enviro Box™ stand saves precious workshop space, while also making access to specific lubricant products much easier and faster when compared to using oil bottles.

The round shape and single carry handle of 20 litre plastic drums means they can be awkward to lift and carry. The shape of the Penrite Enviro Box™ is easier for manual handling. Enviro Box™ packages feature two carry handles on opposite sides, so they are less awkward to handle. This design enhancement also enables two people to carry an Enviro Box™ at a time if required. The top shelf of the Enviro Box™ stand is at the average shoulder height, meaning that no over-head lifting is required.

The Penrite Enviro Box™ is set to change how Australian automotive workshops access their most frequently used Penrite lubricant products according to Penrite Oil General Manager, Toby Dymond.

“The Penrite Enviro Box™ saves space and is far more efficient compared with traditional methods of accessing or dispensing multiple lubricants,” Mr Dymond said.

“We look forward to our trade customers taking advantage of the many benefits that the Penrite Enviro Box™ system will bring to their business bottom line and productivity,“ he added.

Penrite’s initial release of products in the Penrite Enviro Box™ packaging includes seven lubricants from the Penrite Enviro+ range as well as HPR5, a product that is always in high workshop demand. The Enviro Box™ lubricant range will expand as the company gradually phases out the use of 20 litre plastic containers.

To find out more about Penrite Oil Company and the Penrite Enviro Box™, contact Jessica Grant, Penrite Oil Company on 1300 PENRITE (736 748) or email [email protected]

To express your interest in taking up the Penrite Enviro Box™ Cleanaway disposal service for your workshop, call Cleanaway Australia on 13 13 39.

For further information or interviews contact Paul Marinelli, Marinelli PR – 0417 558 655.

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