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Penrite’s Engine Detox

Penrite launches a new range of foaming intake cleaners.

Penrite has long been a staple of the automotive workshop scene, and their latest product introduction further bolsters their commitment to the trade market.

Falling into Penrite’s renowned P26 Aerosol product range, the newly released P26 Petrol & Diesel Foaming Intake Cleaners provide workshops and mechanics an additional solution to resolve common vehicle engine and performance-related issues.

Whilst vehicle technology has developed tremendously over past decade, the introduction of forced induction and engine start-stop features have increased the potential for carbon buildup within the intake tract of modern vehicles. Diesel engines are also far more susceptible, with blockages of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system becoming commonplace on short commutes and during city driving.

Typically, to correct intake system deposits, removal of the manifold and EGR system was necessary. Penrite has developed the P26 range of foaming cleaners to effectively remove carbon buildup, varnish and sludge from intake valves, intake manifold, throttle body and EGR system without disassembly of the engine.

What differentiates the Penrite intake cleaner is the high foaming ability of the product, which expands inside the intake system to effectively reach areas that other traditional intake cleaners cannot.

The aerosols are designed for use in all passenger vehicles, light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, industrial machines, and stationary engines.

“The foaming intake cleaners are the next evolution of the P26 range, and both products are individually optimised to provide tested and proven performance,” said David Kirby, Marketing Manager for Penrite Oil.

Penrite state the P26 Petrol Foaming Intake Cleaner corrects problems such as poor fuel economy, rough idling, and engine pinging while reducing emissions and improving compression ratio.

Comparatively, the P26 Diesel Foaming Intake Cleaner reduces pre-ignition and engine smoke, removes carbon deposits and revitalizes engine performance in direct and common-rail diesels.

Penrite say the petrol and diesel aerosols have been specially formulated based on the engine type. The petrol variant is supplied in a 240mL pack, while the diesel version is offered in a 130mL pack.

Both aerosols are LPG propelled, removing the need for harmful CFC gasses. Penrite are also quick to point out that both the Petrol and Diesel variants of these foaming intake cleaners are safe for all vehicle types. In addition, the aerosols won’t harm catalytic converters, oxygen (O2) sensors and Diesel Particular Filters (DPF’s).

“Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and the results truly speak for themselves,” Mr. Kirby said.

Penrite P26 Foaming Intake Cleaners are available now.

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