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Penrite’s Lucky Seven

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The Australian car park is one of the most diverse in the world, with more than 50 brands selling vehicles in the country.

With this number expected to grow over the next decade, oil companies must ensure their products remain relevant and applicable to the burgeoning auto industry.

Australia’s own Penrite Oil have seen first hand the exponential growth and diversification across the automotive market, during their proud 93-year history. In late 2018, Penrite were the first oil manufacturer in Australia to introduce a seven litre pack size, dubbed the ‘cube’. Currently more than 20 of the most popular engine oil products are available in the pack size, with more applications rolling out throughout the course of 2019.

“The Australian vehicle market is shifting dramatically, and with this brings new application specific oil volume requirements,” said David Kirby, Marketing Manager for Penrite Oil.

In a fight to remain competitive, auto manufacturers are carving out a point of difference to potential purchasers by offering vehicles that require less-frequent service intervals. To achieve this, vehicle oil sumps are getting significantly larger and more costly to fill.

“The seven litre cube pack was launched in response to the shift toward longer drain intervals and larger sump capacities. This one pack size caters to more than 4.8 million vehicles on Australian roads,” said Mr Kirby.

Penrite are positioning the seven litre pack as an all-in-one solution to prevent underfilling, a common practice for vehicles that require more than five litres of engine oil. A notable addition to the new pack size is the free flexible nozzle, included with all packs. This nozzle includes an anti-glug and fast pour breather tube in-built, as well as extending up to 300mm for ease of access in tight engine bays.

The flexible funnel is also rolling out across the current 10 litre pack size, where previously these have been provided without the nozzle.

Customers aren’t the only winners, with auto retailers embracing the packaging due to its ease of stacking and for the fact it is far less likely to tip over in trade or transportation environments.

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To find out more about the seven litre cube, or to explore the full Penrite range, visit http://penriteoil.com.au

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