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Xtreme Clutch launches Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S upgrade.

Xtreme Clutch has recently launched a variety of performance clutch upgrades to suit the latest model Suzuki Swift Sport. The range includes a variety of different upgrade options for everything from the daily driven road car to dedicated motorsport applications.

Each of Xtreme Clutch’s new upgrade kits have been extensively tested and developed in-house at parent company, Australian Clutch Services. Included in the single plate range is a sprung organic as well as three varieties of ceramic upgrade for different levels of vehicle performance. Xtreme Clutch has also developed a twin plate ceramic 184mm kit with alloy pressure plate designed for very high-performance motorsport applications.

“We have developed several different options for the new model Suzuki Swift Sport to ensure we have every vehicle application covered,” says Stewart Furze, Xtreme Clutch Mechanical Engineer. “Each of the kits have been designed to fit a specific segment of the market and to provide a solution to vehicle owners who have modified their cars for everything up to dedicated motorsport use.”

Each of the kits are provided with a performance pressure plate, friction disc, flywheel, concentric slave cylinder, bolts and alignment tool ensuring the installer has everything required for a successful installation.

The kits are expected to be popular worldwide and will be included in the ACS export program for Europe.

“We are expecting this kit to be very popular after the previous model Suzuki Swift Sport was used in a number of different motorsport applications around the world,” says Brenton Jordan, Australian Clutch Services Managing Director. “The vehicles have already been a focus for a number of European tuning groups so we look forward to seeing that develop even further.”

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