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XS Injectors has signed a sponsorship as the exclusive fuel injector partner of the TA2 Muscle Car Series.

XS Injectors, the world’s most accurate performance fuel injector, has signed with the TA2 Muscle Car Series as its exclusive fuel injector supplier.

An open-ended sponsorship deal, XS Injectors by Xspurt is a homologated component of the TA2 Muscle Car Series and is perfectly suited to the General Motors LS-based small block engine that features in the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger that make up the grid. The product is also a key component for daily drive Holden and HSV vehicles.

Performance orientated, not only do XS Injectors deliver industry leading consistency with each injector set exactly matched to tolerances of just one per cent in flow rate and two per cent in deadtime, but the level of testing each injector and injector set undergoes has never been seen before.

XS Injector’s dynamic flow matching process records over 6,500 flow testing points and each injector endures almost 300,000 individual measurements for flow, temperature, pressure and voltage.

Injectors Online, which designed, developed and sells XS Injectors by Xspurt, is using the dynamic TA2 Championship to highlight the product’s performance strengths.

“XS Injectors are perfectly suited to cars that run LS engines, which is what attracted us to the TA2 Muscle Car Series – it’s a perfect alignment of products,” Injectors Online managing director Simon Richards said.

“The unique characteristics of the XS injector are built for cars like Holden and HSV, as well as the traditional muscle cars like Mustang and Camaro.

“The TA2 Series, as well as those who drive cars of this type, need a performance Injector that they can trust and one that will last – which is why XS injectors come with a lifetime warranty. We have absolute confidence in our product, and so should you.”

In a highly regulated and cost-effective series where car weight is restricted to 1,250kgs (including the driver) and engine outputs limited to approximately 390kW (525hp) and 6,500rpm, the TA2 Series is designed with one key focus – performance. It makes it the perfect platform for XS Injectors.

“Having a local business that can supply the exact product we require, along with being able to match, set and register each injector, is the ideal way to ensure the competitors are receiving the correct spec component to keep within the category regulations,” PROMAXX TA2 Muscle Car Series national category manager Craig Denyer said.

Championship details can be found at http://ta2racingaustralia.com. For more information on XS Injectors call 1300 123 334.

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