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Everyone knows that when you are chasing power or performance, whether it be HP, KW, good old fashion torque, or superior reliability and efficiency, once you get to a certain stage, it’s a lot of little elements that combine to give you the edge you’re looking for.

This exact statement holds true, especially in the world of Precious Metal Spark Plugs. The cold hard facts are superior ignitability equals lower emissions. The team at NGK have developed an innovative range of techniques that allow the use of precious metals to include Iridium and Platinum as a part of the manufacturing process with best braking experience available for a range of situations DBA have you covered with nearly 250 part numbers in their Performance Street and Extreme Performance ranges. With pads, rotors and fluids being designed to work perfectly together to ensure incomparable braking power and endurance, you would be mad not to check this range out.

Pulling your engine apart is a time consuming and costly experience, so knowing Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Performance Booster is reducing internal friction by up to 38 percent and engine wear by up to 37 percent, makes the difference. When you look at the certified results by the American Society for Testing and Materials, you will be straight down to buy a bottle or ten.

Have you ever wondered what makes a high-performance clutch? The team at Exedy have made this question their reality.

Understanding the high-performance clutch will arm you with a new appreciation for the amount of technical know-how and engineering skills that are required. Read on and let Exedy take you on a tour of the high-performance clutch.

As car manufacturers continue to squeeze greater power increases from their drivetrains, the demand on lubricants is pushed to the extremes.

Penrite is no stranger to the performance lubricant market, and the 10 Tenths range encompasses the company’s long-standing ethos; the right oil for the right application.

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