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Innovative POWERLIFT 5D Wheel Aligner for 2 Post Hoist.

The world is so fast paced and high tech that the research and development team from Powerlift have devised new production methods allowing the creation of a new style of wheel aligner to wheel align motor vehicles without the use of large cumbersome wheel alignment ramps or 4 post hoists.

Innovation has allowed Launch Tech Australia to develop a powerful and compact wheel aligner to meet many different demands with the new Powerlift’s 5D wheel aligner. The Powerlift 5D wheel aligner can be used with all kinds of lifts including two-post lift and small scissors lift.

The wheel aligner has many advantages as space is no longer a limitation as a 2 post hoist or small scissor lift can be used saving workshop space. It has five cameras and the reference plane is car body, so it can measure almost all kinds of vehicles, even if the vehicle is lifted.

It also supports varied operation platforms, point to point transmission by Wi-Fi which can shield interference. It is supported by a powerful cloud service, which can connect to a smart device, computer and the Internet, supporting remote shunting operation and data upgrade.

The four targets are crash resistant and are exchangeable if damaged. No calibration necessary. An assorted amount of wheel claws for different styles of wheels are included as standard which are quick release so there is no need for pulling apart wheel clamps to suit different wheel types.

The measurement range is wide with a very narrow tolerance making it extremely accurate and it can also test wheel deviation besides all standard traditional parameters. The optional one point wheel clamps can be installed within four seconds.

This new wheel aligner breaks the mould and allows all workshops to enjoy the ability of wheel alignment on their current equipment as a cost effective, space saving solutions.

For further information please contact your Australia wide Powerlift 5D Wheel Aligner dealer Launch Tech Australia on 1300 369 788.
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