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Powerstop Brake Pad Range Launched

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Clutch and Brake Australia’s (CBA) new POWERSTOP brake pad range is now available in Australia.

It is no secret that the brake pad market is dominated by a handful of major brands Working with our customers, we found a real demand for an independent option that met consumers’ needs in the key areas of service life, dust, affordability, performance and noise and that is what we have achieved.” – CBA Business Development Manager, Daniel Goff.

Split into three formulations to suit specific applications, the POWERSTOP Pad range is fitted with an all-new anti-noise shim, providing quiet operation.

Kevlar Infused Ceramic

CBA explains Kevlar Infused is a general-purpose ceramic-based pad with a high Kevlar Fibre content sourced from the USA and is ideal for normal, day-to-day commuting. The material helps to eliminate noise, and any dust produced does not cling to surfaces, keeping rims and brake components clean.

Ceramic pads are typically less effective when cold. Kevlar counters this by having a high coefficient of friction when cold, giving an excellent initial response.

At high temperatures, the heat resistance and ability to recover is where the ceramic component really shines, giving a consistent pedal feel in all conditions.

Titanium 4WD

Titanium is often used in a thin coating on a brake pad to help with bedding in, increasing braking efficiency out of the box. Titanium 4WD has these same advantages but, by introducing Titanium throughout the material, a more positive feel and increased initial bite is available for the full life of the pad.

In testing, CBA performed 10 back-to-back hard braking applications generating pad temperatures between 90°C and 345°C. At each application, there was less than 0.05 per cent variation in friction coefficient across all temperatures.

Street Composite

Street Composite is a low dust, low metallic friction material utilising the same anti-noise technology as the rest of the POWERSTOP range. Street Composite has a more aggressive feel and is ideally suited to heavier vehicles and as an option on some 4WDs.

CBA is now looking for distributors for the POWERSTOP range. If you are interested, please contact CBA’s team at [email protected] or on 1300 720 728.

To find out more about the POWERSTOP brake pad range and its applications visit www.POWERSTOP.com.au

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