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Premium Auto Care Collection

by Digital Mayne Media

Complete car care with the Formula 1 experience.

Formula 1 offers a complete range of car care products that covers the whole scope of cleaning, polishing and protection for motor cars. These products are formulated and manufactured in the USA and imported and distributed by HPP Lunds. At the top of the Formula 1 range is the Premium Auto Care collection to shine and protect the exterior with a premium wax, liquid wax, fast wax and a wash and wax. Each offers a slightly different aspect with the wax to remove light surface blemishes, while the liquid wax is able to be used on all surfaces including rubber and leaves no residue. Another exterior cleaner is the Formula 1 Color Wax, which comes in four base colours: black, white, silver and red. This product can restore older paintwork and contains UV stable colour pigments that hide minor scratches and swirls, these nano polymers and dyes fill in and smooth paint finishes. Carnauba wax is a well-known technology that provides a deep shine and long-lasting protection to car paintwork.

Formula 1 has a series of carnauba-based products; Paste Wax, Liquid Wax and spray on Fast Wax as well as three sizes of Wash & Wax that clean and wax all in one action. To keep paint and headlights looking like new Formula 1 has a range of scratch and haze removers starting with two types of Scratch Out which remove paint blemishes as well as problems such as bird droppings and tree sap. The Headlight Restorer & Sealant restores cloudy, dull and yellow headlights to clear lens and provides a protective sealant all in one easy step. For wheels and tyres, Formula 1 has Black Gold Tyre Shine and Foaming Wheel & Tyre Cleaner with both in a handy spray pack for easy application. Interior cleaners and protectants are on the Formula 1 list with Dry Clean for carpets and upholstery and Protectant for dashboards and other surfaces that are often hit by the sun. There’s also a spray or liquid version of Mr Leather cleaner and a range of fragranced protectants that will clean and leave a pleasant fresh scent – available in six fragrances. To finish the cleaning job there’s also Formula 1 Glass Cleaner, Bug & Tar Remover both essential products for maintaining your vehicle in pristine condition. HPP Lunds is the Australian distributor for all Formula 1 car care products and trade enquiries can be made direct to HPP Lunds.
For more info visit www.hpplunds.com.au or call Ben Leonard on (07) 3722 1111.

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