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Presenting the Unicorn Hoist

The average Australian’s vehicle seems to vary so much now. From small, low Euro saloons to large US made “trucks” and heavily laden work utes.

Many two post hoists will lift these  cars, but compromises are still required.

It might mean jacking up a Euro vehicle to get the two post arms under.

It might mean putting the US truck a little further back than you’d like because the front arms aren’t quite long enough.

But is there a two post hoist that will confidently and safely lift the majority of popular vehicles without compromise? You can decide that for yourself if you read on.

NEXT Tech is introducing a hoist with long enough arms to safely lift Rams, F250s and loaded dual cab utes, but with a very low lift pad of only 82mm. That’s almost 2cm lower than most two post hoists on the market.

With one NEXT two post hoist workshops can now service and repair anything from large utes to small Euro vehicles.

The NEXT N-45 4.5 tonne and N-55 5.5 tonne two post hoists are also available in three different heights for standard, tall and extra tall vehicles which equates to 4 metre, 4.6 metre and 5.2 metre tall hoists.

This range of hoist is also wide enough to open the front doors fully on most vehicles (including Chevrolet Silverado, for example).

Standard delivery includes four rubber protection pads per side of the vehicle, handy steel tool trays on each arm, an emergency pump to lower vehicles in case of power failure and a range of drop in pad adapters.

The NEXT range of hoists are designed in Europe and manufactured in China by one of the world’s largest automotive equipment groups from a very long and distinguished heritage.

Tim Green is the NEXT Tech Equipment Import Director and speaks with passion about the NEXT range of hoists: “I have been dealing continuously with this family-owned manufacturer for more than 25 years.

The relationships I’ve built and the trust we have established over that time are irreplaceable.

It’s all the little things, the response times, the help offered and the backup we receive from the factories that results in a seamless, fast acting response that really gives me confidence that we are offering Australia a well thought out and well-designed hoist made by experienced, qualified design engineers.

NEXT Tech Equipment Australia specify their hoists with only the best components available from the factory and with all viable options supplied as standard.”

Don McEvoy is NEXT Tech Equipment Technical Director and adds: “Please do your own research but, if you want that lift capacity with a lift pad that low at market accepted pricing, I think you’ll end up at NEXT Tech Equipment.

It costs nothing to look and it costs nothing to ask, so please before you buy any two post hoist, start your research here –

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