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Press And Brake Lathes

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Introducing the AutoPro Up brake lathes and press made in Korea.

AutoPro is established in South Korea. For over 15 years AutoPro has been dedicating in manufacturing brake lathes, workshop press with high precision and quality.

Starting from the grassroots, AutoPro Up has built up their own reputation all over the world by supplying high quality equipment with very competitive prices.

The exclusive importer Interequip visited the factory which is equipped with high tech manufacturing equipment including laser cutter and insisted manufacture all parts needed, including heat treatment of tooling and cone fixtures, to ensure maximum durability and precision.

So if you’re in the market for a press with spring compressor or a brake lathe, look no further as nothing beats AutoPro Up in quality and price. The off-car brake lathes models include DBLSparkII (for disk only maximum arbor weight 60 kg), DBLStar (for disk and drum, max. rotor/ drum weight 70 kg), DBL5000 (from passenger car to heavy truck, max. drum/ rotor weight 80 kg) and the DBL9000 for heavy truck and bus, max drum/rotor weight 350 kg).

Optional truck cones and flywheel adaptor, chuck adaptor, etc are available for purchase all manufactured by AutoPro Up. AutoPro Up also manufactures reliable quality workshop press with spring compressor and wall mount spring compressor at a very good price.

To inquire please contact Interequip at 18000 EQUIP (1800 037 847)

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