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Keeping up in a rapidly changing automotive landscape.

Whoever coined the term Automotive Technician didn’t do a bad job, because now you need to be able to operate sophisticated diagnostic equipment on integrated electronic systems in modern vehicles as often as you need to change brake pads.

Repco, who many think only supplies parts and equipment, is also in the business of problem solving.

Repco’s suite of products and services range from the latest mobile online ordering system, Navigator Pro, integrated with a Log Book service quoting system, SmartQuote, through to a massive online technical database, Autopedia. All three of these applications are supported by Repco’s AutoTech Training group, who train over 5000 automotive technicians each year in over 200 clinics in more than 100 locations.

Repco’s Navigator Pro is designed to save time and money. It’s a web-based solution which accesses parts for over 16,000 vehicles. Able to select a specific vehicle, along with its most commonly used parts, Navigator Pro brings up the exact vehicle, along with the most commonly used items in a simple, easy-to-read format. Orders can be placed immediately or lists can be created for regular ordering. Navigator Pro is free to Repco Trade Account holders.

Repco SmartQuote, embedded in Navigator Pro and available at minimal cost, provides a full Log Book service quote in under a minute using Navigator Pro’s vehicle selection. Once the vehicle is selected, normal or harsh conditions and the service by time, mileage, or a combination of both chosen, a full quotation is provided, complete with customised labour rates, discounts and the business’s logo.

Just using these tools can save a three-hoist shop a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Add to that the time saved diagnosing complex technical problems with Repco Autopedia, a searchable knowledgebase which provides diagnostic guides, test points, wiring diagrams and more on thousands of vehicles. Autopedia avoids the old “ring around the mates to see whether they know” problem and is also accessed from Navigator Pro. Best of all, an Autopedia subscription is backed by skilled technicians offering real-time email and telephone support.

Repco Navigator Pro, SmartQuote and Autopedia all share the benefit of being portable. They can be used on laptops and tablets wherever there’s internet access, which means placing a weekly parts order from home or quoting a customer when out is easy.

Feedback from customers has assisted in refining Repco’s AutoTech training, focusing on known problems and targeted issues allowing up to eight topics to be covered in a three-hour session, without the need for unnecessary information. Topics as diverse as Lane Departure Systems and Common Rail Diesel Diagnostic Processes are covered and the courses often include a useful diagnostic tool such as an Infrared Thermometer.

If you’re interested in the Repco suite of solutions, just call your Repco Account Manager or local Repco store.

 For more information call 1300 505 733 or visit www.repcotrade.com.au

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