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Product Purchase Guide

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What’s to consider when you want to buy a diagnostic scanner?

With the ever changing vehicle systems and the adding of more on-board computer or modules, the vehicles today are becoming more complex as technology is becoming more advanced. The need for a scan tool or diagnostic scanner is a must-have in today’s workshop. But the question on most people’s mind is which one to buy?

When looking for a scan tool you need to look for the latest technology and features, as well as benefits that the tool has to offer

The Autel scan tools is one of the leading scan tool in the world. It not only has broad coverage for software makes for Australian, European, USA and Asian cars, it also has a scanner Maxisys CV dedicated to commercial vehicles, truck and bus. In addition, Autel has diversified product ranges with different pricing from cheaper OBDII tools to high-end advanced ECU program tools to satisfy different users’ budgets.

Autel also has ongoing new development for advanced functions such as TPMS, Immobiliser Key Programming Tools, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and ADAS MA600 for glass replacement (windscreen repair). Autel definitely answers to modern workshop repairers’ need to diagnosis.

When buying a scan tool, it is also important to find out the credibility and after-sales service for the supplier. Interequip Pty Ltd has been supplying Autel scan tools since 2008.

To request a demo or to inquire please contact 18000 EQUIP (1800 037 847) or email [email protected]

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