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Projecta A Battery Charging Favourite

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A familiar sight in home workshops and garages over many years, Projecta’s popular ‘Charge N’ Maintain’ automatic battery charger range has been recharged, with the introduction of many exciting new features across four new models.

A lthough an entry-level battery charger that’s ideal for no-fuss, DIY use, the new range is by no means short on innovation and functionality and allows the user to simply connect the charger to the battery and let it do the rest.

Ideal for automotive and marine applications, these new charger variants are classified as ‘Smart Chargers’, meaning that they contain technology that provide switchable charging stages, to ensure accurate and efficient battery charge and maintenance. This feature allows longer life and improved battery performance over an extended period of time.

By communicating with the battery during the charging process, the Charge N’ Maintain range ascertains the battery’s level of charge, allowing the charger to regulate its load and optimise charging, stopping when the battery reaches capacity.

Other benefits of the range includes ‘Switch Mode Technology’ which converts 240V power to 12V DC using electric components, unlike more traditional chargers which rely on heavy transformers. Switch Mode ensures the new chargers remain lightweight, compact and extremely portable without sacrificing performance.

Along with their smart-charging capabilities which prevents overcharging of batteries, the range also provides spark-free operation and is protected against accidental reverse connection, significantly increasing safety. For added convenience, the chargers are safe to use while the battery is still in the vehicle as well.

For added reliability, the range is weatherproof to IP65, meaning they can be used outside if required. An interchangeable fused wiring harness is also included for permanent installation if the user requires it and all models benefit from a fused wiring harness or battery clips.

The Charge N’ Maintain range begins with a 4-stage, 0.8 Amp 12V model (AC008) which is perfect for maintaining batteries in motorcycles, in crafts such as jet skis and in cars, making them ready for use at all times.

The larger 4-stage AC015 model rated at 1.5 Amp 12V, is ideal for both maintaining car batteries as well as for charging smaller batteries such as those in motorcycles or light watercraft. The AC015 also comes with a mounting bracket and 3M extension lead to facilitate a more permanent installation in the garage or workshop if needed.

For a larger charging capacity, there’s the 8-stage, 4 Amp 6V/12V model (AC040). This variant is designed predominantly for charging flat or low batteries, and provides the versatility to adjust output via a mode toggle button to suit a variety of different battery sizes. The AC040 is ideal for use on automotive and marine batteries large and small, for deep cycle batteries and for 6V batteries as sometimes found in older vehicles.

Rounding out the new Charge N’ Maintain battery range is the 8-stage, 8 Amp 12V AC080, which again has adjustable output to suit the battery type but is exclusive for use with 12V batteries, whether marine, motorcycle, automotive or deep cycle.

As well as the entire range providing the convenience of ‘connect and forget’ operation, the chargers are extremely easy to operate. AC008 and AC015 models feature colour code charge indicators showing ‘Power on’, ‘Charging’ and ‘Fully Charged’ while AC040 and AC080 variants are equipped with LCD screen displays to monitor charging status.

Projecta’s latest Charge N’ Maintain battery charger range is backed by a two-year warranty protecting against defects in materials and or workmanship, and is available from leading automotive, transport, four wheel drive and hardware outlets throughout Australia.

For more information visit the Project a website at www.projecta.com.au

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