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Projecta introduces new INTELLI-START Jump Starters

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Projecta has grown its market-leading INTELLI-START (IS) range with the introduction of two new jump starters, the IS1400 and IS2000, both with patented Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT).

RRT adds efficiency and convenience for users and owners. Once the vehicle has been started, the INTELL-START Jump Starter can fully replenish the energy that was discharged during the starting process in just 40 seconds. Simply keep the clamps connected to the running vehicle’s battery and the INTELLI-START jump starter is ready for the next emergency.

This technology means INTELLI-START Jump Starters can be used time and time again before needing to be recharged, which makes the product ideal for applications such as roadside assistance or for vehicle holding depots and car yards. When recharging is finally needed, this can be done back at the workshop, garage or home using the supplied 5V USB charger. A further benefit of the latest models is their ability to jump start vehicles and machines that use a variety of battery types including Lithium, Wet, AGM, Gel and Calcium.

A hard worker

The IS1400 is suitable for 12V electrical systems and offers 500A clamp power and 1400 peak amps, more than enough to start petrol-powered vehicles up to 7.0L displacement and diesel engines as large as 5.0L. These capabilities – along with a compact design – makes the IS1400 an ideal choice to carry in the glovebox, for stowage with 4×4 recovery gear, or to keep on hand at workshops or car yards.

The larger – but still compact – IS2000 model provides even further versatility, with its auto sensing clamp connections making it convenient for use on both 12V and 24V electrical systems. The IS2000 will jump start 12V petrol vehicles with engines up to 8.0L and up to 6.0L for diesels.

Image: supplied by Projecta

It can also jump start 24V vehicles – both petrol and diesel – with engines up to 7.0L. This level of performance makes it suitable for passenger vehicles, small trucks, agricultural equipment and mid-sized earthmoving machines. Additionally, the IS2000’s integrated, ergonomic handle allows for easy portability, making it an ideal alternative to cumbersome lead-acid jump starters that are normally moved around on a trolley.

Common to both units are premium spark-free clamps, ‘no solder’, high current connections for added longevity and performance, intuitive LCD display with real time updates, in-built LED work light, EVA storage case, USB charging port and the ability to be used as a powerbank. The IS2000 also features a ‘set and forget’ docking station for hassle-free benchtop charging.    

Secure and protected

The INTELL-START range is equipped with premium LiFePO4 batteries, the safest lithium technology available. Projecta’s jump starters also provide more starts with up to 2000 battery cycles – around four times more than competitor lithium cobalt-based jump starters. This range delivers a substantially longer operating life and provides a smooth and reliable start, time after time. Added durability comes from the range’s rubber-moulded impact and drop resistant housing and IP-rated dust and water ingress protection.

Along with their revolutionary battery technology, the IS1400 and IS2000 utilise an advanced all-in-one protection system that prevents surges, short circuits and overheating. For novice users a further benefit is the premium clamps won’t spark if attached incorrectly, won’t damage the vehicle or injure loved ones or employees. The display will also alert the user of an incorrect connection and advise when they’re ready to use, making these jump starters not only the safest on the market, but one of the easiest to use.

Other Projecta INTELL-START models in the existing line-up include the IS920, IS1220 and IS1500.

Image: supplied by Projecta

For bigger jobs

For operators running large trucks and machinery, Projecta also has this equipment covered with its IS3000 and IS5000 variants. These units feature all the great benefits of their smaller IS Jump Starter counterparts but with the added power to crank heavy duty equipment.

The IS3000 is suitable for both 12V and 24V electrical systems and provides 1000A clamp power for 12V systems and 850A for 24V electrical set-ups, along with 3000 peak amps – it’s enough to start petrol and diesel engines up to 12L displacement in 12V machines and all 24V engines.

The larger IS5000 has even greater clamp power, an impressive 1500A in 12V electrical systems and 1000A for 24V systems – in both cases peak amps are 5000.

This output is sufficient to breathe life into petrol and diesel engines up to 16L capacity in equipment with 12V systems, and unlimited capacity in the case of vehicles with 24V electrics. The two jump starters also offer ‘no battery’ operation and can jump start vehicles without a starter battery.

All INTELLI-START models are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant and Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) certified.

The latest additions to the INTELLI-START range are available from leading automotive, camping, trade caravanning and four-wheel driving outlets nationwide.

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