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Projecta Monocrystalline

The new Monocrystalline Battery Maintainer Solar Panel range is ideal to help maintain battery charge in all kind of vehicles.

The battery maintainers can even be used on seasonable vehicles such as classic cars that mostly lie in storage and only driven occasionally.

Available in 12 Volt 5W (SPA5) and 12 Volt 10W (SPA10) models, the new battery maintainers offer a compact design that allows for convenient on-board storage and mobility, while the Monocrystalline technology which is considered to be the most efficient material for converting sunlight into energy, provides reliable and hassle-free performance.

Traditionally, battery maintainers have been known to be cumbersome and not truly portable but the Projecta units’ slim-line design means they can fit in a glovebox or even between the seat and centre console.

Projecta’s battery maintainer solar panels are equipped with removable suction caps for easy temporary mounting to windscreens, or alternatively, they can be secured via eyelets and elastic straps to vehicle sun visors or similar.

Connecting to the vehicles’ battery is also simple using the included accessory plug (must be a live plug to be able to charge), or with the included battery clamps.

To ensure complete functionality in demanding and varied Australian climatic conditions, the battery maintainers offer a large operating temperature range of between -40 to 70 °C.

Prices for the Projecta battery maintainers are approximately $79 for the SPA5 and approximately $99 for the SPA10.

Projecta’s new Monocrystalline Battery Maintainer Solar Panel range can be purchased at all leading, automotive, transport and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia.

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