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PRY Bars

Warren & Brown Tools introduce their new range of pry bars, with a size to meet any application.

A pry bar is a handy tool that comes in many shapes and sizes. Pry bars are known by many other names, including crowbar, wrecking bar, pinch bar, prise bar, jimmy, jimmy bar, jemmy, gooseneck and even pig foot. They usually consist of a metal bar with one bent claw and flattened points, often with one or both ends having a small fissure for removing nails. There are many different types of claw designs which are suitable for a range of different applications.

Straight claws are forged in line with the shaft so may require an added fulcrum such as a block of wood to improve the leverage. Bent claws offer increased leverage due to the inbuilt fulcrum, meaning the bar is more effective at levering on its own. Wide claws provide a larger contact surface area to prevent sideways rocking motion when in use. Flat claws allow for greater access within tight spaces, while also preventing sideways rocking motions.

The newest type of claw design is the adjustable claw, which can be easily adjusted and locked at the preferred working angle. This type of claw is extremely versatile, as they can be adjusted to a straight or bent claw, eliminating the need for a second claw. This impressively adjustable pry bar is ideal for working in awkward spaces and for a range of other tasks, fast becoming a tool box favourite.

Most commonly pry bars are made of medium carbon steel, but they may also be made of titanium or aluminium which has the added benefit of being much lighter to handle. Pry bars are generally forged from hexagonal or cylindrical stock, although more expensive designs may be forged with an I-shaped cross-section shaft.

Pry bars are used as a lever, either to force two objects apart or to remove nails. They can be used in many activities: engine repositioning, repositioning equipment, aligning steel components, demolition, along with other heavy-duty and industrial applications. However, pry bars are well-known to be used to pry open nailed wooden crates or pry apart boards or pallets.

You can use pry bars as any of the three lever classes; with the curved end typically used as a first-class lever, while the straight end is commonly used as a second-class lever.

Warren & Brown Tools (WBT) has introduced a new range of pry bars that are suitable for many applications. The pry bars feature a double push lock that allows for easy angle selection with extra strength hold and are available in five convenient sizes. The handles have been constructed using high quality CR-V and the heads using CR-MO. WBT opted to use the adjustable type claw, with 180° angle head sweep which can be locked into 12 different positions.

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