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ASV Euro Car Parts launches P-Free puncture proof tyres. Changing tyres may be a thing of the past, thanks to the launch of Australia’s first puncture- proof tyre technology.

ASV Euro Car Parts, a family owned Australian company, has launched the ASV P-Free tyre range. ASV, chief operating officer, Aron Soghomonian said the family owned company launched the patented ASV P-Free tyres this year. Using patented Memory Nano Polymer Rubber Technology (MNPRT), the technology works by sealing the puncture immediately after a tyre is pierced by an object.

Like many, we’ve experienced the terrifying loss of control caused by a punctured tyre,” Mr. Soghomonian said. “The ASV P-Free tyre is a huge leap forward in safety-first technology, and we have no doubt we will achieve our mission to save lives.”

Mr. Soghomonian said there is no loss of pressure in a P-Free tyre, which meant following a puncture the driver can retain control and enjoy a comfortable, safe and uninterrupted journey to their destination.

“As well as mitigating the loss of vehicle control, there are so many secondary safety benefits to fitting your vehicle with the ASV P-Free tyre,” he said. “Why should another life be lost simply changing a tyre on the side of the road?”

“Due to the overwhelming requests, we have fast tracked another 42 sizes for development and will be available in the coming months. This will brings the range to over 60 sizes. We will have a good range of passenger, commercial, 4WD tyres in no time,” added Mr. Soghomonian.

ASV brand development manager Brent Smaill said the tyres carried both DOT and EEC certification as well as meeting and exceeding in some cases the standard load and speed rating required by vehicle manufacturers. “Our clients include some of the most demanding time critical first response units,” he said.

Mr. Soghomonian said tyre issues are either directly responsible or are a contributing factor in a significant number of accidents causing injury. “Tyre failure also costs mission-critical departments like the police and ambulance services significant time when responding to incidents,” he said.

“Similarly, commercial vehicles together with the hire car and taxi industries experience loss of revenue caused by the lost productivity and costs associated with a single puncture.”

Mr. Soghomonin said the tyre meets Australian safety and quality tests. “Drivers experience optimal tyre performance in both wet and dry conditions with the added safety net of the ground-breaking puncture-proof technology,” he said. “Our premium quality tyre in independent testing has out performs several name brand tires in wet and dry braking, cornering stability, and wear.”

Mr. Soghomonin said the tyres come with a three year or 40,000 kilometer warranty and a lifetime warranty on the patented gel technology that makes the tyres puncture free. He said the tyres can be fitted by any local tyre specialist, or their group of preferred installation centres listed on their website

Any workshops or tyre specialist looking to add ASV P free tyres in their product range can contact Brent Smaill on 0481 601 727.


MNPRT is a self-sealing gel comprising of three essential ingredients – a thermoplastic elastomer, resin and rubber processing/extender oil.

“In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the patented MNPRT gel application immediately self-seals around the object that penetrates the tyre,” they said. “Even if the object becomes dislodged.” A spokesperson for the company said the tyre remains inflated without dropping any pressure, ensuring there is no impact on the driver’s safety.

“After a puncture, drivers can continue without needing to stop, comfortable in the knowledge their tyre has mended itself,” they said. “The advanced technology prevents dangerous tyre explosions due to puncture and prevents slippery driving on flat tyres.

“At no point are driving conditions affected.” The spokesperson said MNPRT will work for multiple punctures.

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