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Air filters play an important role in engines performance and fuel economy. Unifilter tells us the secrets to maintain filters at their best on dusty Australian roads.

A good quality air filter will work in with your engine management system and help provide better fuel economy, improve power and torque. Air flow is very important to performance. A good quality high flow air filter will allow the engine to breathe better. It will work in with your car’s engine management system by providing better air/fuel ratio. This in turn will give your engine improved performance and fuel economy.

Replacing your air filter or cleaning your air filter, if it is a serviceable filter, on a regular basis is a good way to keep your engine performing at its best. Replacing/servicing your air filter should be done every six months or every 15-20,000km for normal highway use.

If you have a 4×4 and drive on dusty road you should inspect your filter regularly to make sure it is not clogged. If your filter is clogged and the air flow is reduced your performance and fuel economy will reduce.

With many more European cars now on Australian roads many of the European car manufactures recommend longer air filter service intervals – sometimes 40,000km.

This is appropriate in Europe where the dust levels are much lower.

Australian conditions are not like any other country. Our dust is much finer and your cars air cleaner will clog up much faster. 20,000 km is the maximum service life of an air filter if you want to maintain good air flow and fuel economy.

The best tip for choosing a quality air filter for your car is to look for a high flow filter that will also filter well. Most of the premium air filters on the Australian market will provide your car with the protection and air flow required. Avoid cheap poor quality air filters.

For more information go to www.uniflow.com.au

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