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Where are your hoists really made?

As Holden closed their car-making facility in Australia and stopped local production of cars in order to reduce manufacturing cost and increase profits, the same strategy was adopted by many hoist manufactures.

These hoist manufactures are relying on their well-established brand to give consumer confidence in product quality, even though they have chosen to manufacture their products in China.

Powerrex has refused to follow this trend and continues to manufacture in Korea to make sure that customers have the same quality they are used to. Although this comes at a much higher cost with Korean craftsmanship and Korean-made parts, it is still price competitive compared to other premium brands made in China.

Before you pay premium prices, always ask where your wheel service equipment and hoists are made, to avoid disappointment.

Interequip has a vast range of vehicle hoists on offer, from the premium Korean made Powerrex range to their economy range, as well as Bullet Pro and Real – both offering great quality for money.

If you are looking for a new lift, wheel service equipment, diagnostic scan tools give Interequip a call on 18000EQUIP (1800 037 847) or via email
You can also find more info on or Interequip will give you their honest opinion for your workshop equipment and they won’t be beaten on quality, price, and service.

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