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Ranger, Hi-Lux top Feb sales figures

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger and Toyota Hi-Lux have remained the top dogs in the Aussie car market.
February’s vehicle sales figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries revealed 86,878 vehicles were sold in Australia. This made it the most successful sales month since before COVID.
FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said it was particularly pleasing to see given the constraints the market’s been under recently.

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Toyota led the brands in total sales numbers with more than 14,000 sold and its Hi-Lux the second-best model sold with 3939 purchased in the month.
Ford finished third in total sales (6022) but first in models with the Ford Ranger topping the charts (4473 sold).

Tesla Model 3

Shock to the system

The rise in popularity of electric and hybrid cars continued in February.
The Tesla Model 3 was the third most popular car model in Australia for the second month in a row with 2671 sold.
Battery electric vehicles overall experienced a 6.8 per cent bump with nearly 6000 sold in February.
Add this total to hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles and sales figures nearly double.
“The number of low emission vehicle sales demonstrates there is an appetite among Australians for environmentally friendly vehicles,” Weber said.
“However, if we wish to accelerate this transition to a broader ranger of consumers in all parts of the country, Australia needs to adopt a fuel efficiency standard.”

TOP vehicle brands February 2023:

  1. Toyota – 14,332
  2. Mazda – 7,667
  3. Ford – 6,022
  4. Kia – 6,000
  5. Hyundai – 5,504
  6. Mitsubishi – 5,500
  7. MG – 4,363
  8. Subaru – 4,054
  9. Tesla – 3,516
  10. Isuzu Ute – 3,156

TOP vehicle models February 2023:

  1. Ranger (Ford) – 4,473
  2. Hi-Lux (Toyota) – 3,393
  3. Model 3 (Tesla) – 2,671
  4. CX-5 (Mazda) – 2,600
  5. Outlander (Mitsubishi) – 2,166
  6. RAV4 (Toyota) – 2,115
  7. ZS (MG) – 2,047
  8. D-Max (Isuzu Ute) – 1,931
  9. Landcruiser (Toyota) – 1,783
  10. Forester (Subaru) – 1,709
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