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REDARC Tow-Pro Accessories, The Whole Kit And Caboodle

With its simple installation, REDARC’s award-winning Tow-Pro Elite is Australia’s favourite electric trailer brake controller.

Released in January 2019, the next generation Tow-Pro Elite features several innovations from the V2, including improvements to the remote head and is compatible with new vehicle technology. It also features industry-leading selectable modes of braking ‘Proportional’ for highways and sealed roads and ‘User-controlled’ for off road driving.

REDARC offers a wide range of accessories that simplify the installation of the Tow-Pro Elite brake controller into a range of vehicles. These provide the installer with the whole kit and caboodle and are designed for ease, simplicity and reliability.

Tow-Pro Wiring Kits

Tow-Pro Wiring Kits (TPWKIT-0**) are vehicle-specific installation kits with all hardware and instructions to deliver quality, reliable installation every time whilst protecting the integrity of the vehicle and avoid the setting of fault codes or damaging sensitive electronics. REDARC offers 11 different Wiring Kits suitable for most 4WD vehicles.

Tow-Pro Switch Inserts

Aiding the installation of the Tow-Pro Elite remote head into the vehicles are Tow-Pro Switch Inserts (TPSI-00*). They allow the installer to create an OE-looking remote head mount whilst maintaining ADR21 compliance (when fitted correctly). REDARC also offers these Switch Inserts in bulk packs of ten (TPSI-00*-B).

Tow-Pro Remote Head Wiring Kits

The Tow-Pro Remote Head Wiring Kits (RHWK-00*) are a range of one to six metre cables that connect the remote head to the main unit. These automotive-style connectors increase the flexibility of the Tow-Pro installation.

Encapsulated Protection Device

The Encapsulated Protection Device (EPDK- is a 7-amp diode suitable for 12- and 24-volt applications. It is totally encapsulated, with sealed connections and will work in ambient temperatures up to 85°C.

It has been designed to fit in the trailer stop lamp feed to support the installation of Tow-Pro brake controllers on vehicles where ‘back-feed’ of 12 volts (during Tow-Pro manual override) may interfere with the vehicle systems.

When installed correctly, the EPDK-001 ensures correct trailer braking and stop lamp operation when the brakes or Tow-Pro manual override is used.

Tow-Pro Elite Mounting Kit

The Tow-Pro Elite Mounting Kit (EBMK-001) simplifies installation of the Tow-Pro Elite main unit under the dash of a vehicle. It is designed to be fastened to the main unit with two M4 bolts at right angles, in-line or diagonally across the main unit. It also features an M6 slot and nut/bolt allowing connection to the vehicle on a suitable M6 stud or M6 hole.

REDARC’s Business Development Manager – Light Vehicles, Robert Chadwick said, “Since its release, the Tow-Pro Elite has gone on to become the most popular brake controller in the market, the release of a range of accessories are designed to aid and simplify its installation process, ultimately improving efficiency for the installer.”

For more information on these accessories visit www.redarc.com.au/trailer-brakes
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