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Repco’s Relaunch and Come Back into Motorsport Races

In Sixth Gear – Repco’s relaunch and come back into motorsport races.

The advertising world is no stranger to brands undergoing revival in order to reposition themselves and seek resonance. On Wednesday 12 September, 2018, the Repco brand relaunched, signalling a new strategic platform and series of future campaigns. The occasion also doubled as an announcement that Repco is back into motorsport – Repco revealed a new partnership with the Shell V-Power Racing Team in the Virgin Australia Supercars Series. The launch event, held at Repco’s Australian Head Office in Melbourne, included a brand presentation perfectly paired with the team’s two race cars in the building atrium.

Repco’s new strategic platform is built on the essence of ‘expertise’ and understanding of customers’ relationships with their cars.

Particularly, it’s about knowing that ‘car love’ is more than adoration, it’s about everything people put into their cars. The hours, dedication, passion and parts. Hence, it is fitting Repco adopted a new tagline that speaks to just that; ‘It starts with the parts’.

Newly appointed General Manager, Marketing (Repco), Diana Di Cecco, explained the strategy as being “specific, targeted, and backed with market research and planning. This work is designed to adjust our positioning, acquire competitor share, resonate with prospective customers, be symbolic to our history and ultimately, build brand equity.”

The campaign’s execution is compelling, interesting and peppered with personality via the introduction of four quirky characters posing as Repco staff members. “We’re reminding consumers why they should shop with Repco – we are the experts and true authority on automotive parts – you won’t find anyone more knowledgeable or passionate about cars than us,” expressed Di Cecco.

As part of the brand invigoration, Di Cecco explains Repco will adopt a “more direct and integrated approach to marketing communication that is clear, concise and consistent.” This news, the baseline of Repco’s relaunch, also included the brand’s motorsport announcement.

It was confirmed that Repco and Shell V-Power Racing Team have established a new multi-year agreement. Wayne Bryant, Executive General Manager (Repco) said “its two iconic organisations, in one formidable motorsport partnership.

It’s perfect! Repco has an exciting and extensive history in motorsport and this is a long overdue return.”

Shell V-Power Racing Team Managing Director and Team Principal, Ryan Story, said “It is significant to be bringing Repco back into Australian motorsport. To be the team they’ve chosen to partner with is a source of immense pride for us. It’s just the beginning and we’re finally underway.”

The vehicle livery of cars 12 and 17 was unveiled at the event to a roaring applause of over 300 employees. Also in attendance was motorsport legend, Dick Johnson, who shared that like many in the room, he too was a Repco employee – Dick Johnson formerly worked for Repco in the early 1960’s.

In a competitive industry, Repco is gathering momentum and anticipates an optimistic future. “These announcements move Repco into sixth gear. It’s not just a story. The change is a business transformation and we’re thrilled to be delivering this for our customers, staff and suppliers. Welcome to the new Repco,” said Bryant.

To find out more information visit http://repco.com.au and http://repco.co.nz
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