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Right Tools For Tricky Jobs

by Digital Mayne Media

Specialist Tools Australia – where you’ll find the “Go to Tools” for when jobs don’t go right or you are dealing with difficult repairs.

Specialist Tools Australia has over the years sourced the best quality automotive tools. Their aim has been to bring tools to the Australian market that have either been unobtainable or difficult to find, and they have continually expanded their range to include specialized European tooling and tools that can alleviate the difficulties encountered in engine repair in Australia. Many of the tools that Specialist Tools Australia carry are great for working on diesel fuel system components in vehicles that they frequently see in their workshops – also given that light diesel vehicle sales continues to grow in Australia. Some of their most popular tools include tools for the removal of Diesel Injectors, particularly if you can remove them without damaging either the injector or the engine, and without dismantling engine components to get the injectors out. Removing broken or damaged injectors and glow plugs from some vehicles can be challenging and often time consuming, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. The time and money saved by these tools more than compensates the cost of having them handy. For this reason Specialist Tools Australia have tried to ensure that they can provide their customers with the right tools, stocked here in Australia, for these difficult repairs, along with technical advice on the most effective method of using them.

The Injector Removal Tool for Bosch Seized Injectors is particularly popular as you can remove the injectors without removing Cylinder Head in many Asian engines with Bosch injectors that are completely seized into the head. This kit allows the technician to remove the injectors without further damage to either the injectors or to the vulnerable areas of the engine such as the rocker cover – SA-2074.
Specialist Tools Australia also stocks a diverse range of injector sockets in sets and individually for the removal of injectors of popular diesels in Australia. They are happy to assist you in selecting the correct socket for the type of injector you need to remove. They also have diagnostic tools such as the universal diesel engine compression test kit which includes injector and glow plug fittings to suit most vehicles – SA-7191D.
Broken Glow Plugs and sheared or damaged bolts can prove to be major obstacles in any repair job. Specialist Tools Australia stock many tool sets especially for these situations where you need to not only get a clean extraction, but you may also need to repair threads so that the new glow plug or bolt can be inserted. Their Universal Drill Guide Set removes broken and damaged studs and is especially useful on cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds – SA-7279. Specialist Tools Australia has an extensive range of tools for the extraction of studs, nuts and bolts that allow you to remove them without damage to other components. Their 8 piece Stud Extractor/ Installer set SA-3238 is very popular along with Torx Plus Extractor Set SA-6987A and the Hex Bolt Extractor Set SA-2715 SK. Specialist Tools Australia has a huge range of tools that can get you out of trouble when things don’t go as planned.
Call their technicians if you aren’t sure which tool will solve your issues. See their website for their full range of tools and look out for their Summer Specials at www.specialisttools.com.au or phone them on (02) 6280 4334.

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