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Rislone HY-PER Lube

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It seems that there are ever increasing demands on vehicles these days. There are a growing number of all -wheel drive vehicles on the road as well as smaller capacity turbo charged engines replacing their larger counterparts in family SUV’s, not to mention the number of times I have seen even my own family car rocketing off from a cold start to get the kids to school on time.

All these demands place more and more stress on the internal components of the vehicle’s engine and driveline, often to the detriment of performance and longevity.

Although there is a quite a bit of science behind modern both synthetic and mineral oils the use of aftermarket oil additives can help protect engine components and driveline gears from these high pressure demands.

Hy-per lube by Rislone is a heavy duty 100 per cent petroleum-based oil supplement which has been formulated with premium base oils and petroleum-extracted additives and is compatible with mineral and synthetic engine and gear oils. There is a Rislone contact number if you want to check the compatibility with your vehicle.

Most oil additives are basically a stabilising agent. Hy-per Lube stabilises oil as well as containing other additives to assist in improving the oils qualities. Hy-per Lube increases the oil film strength preventing wear on start-up as well as containing an anti-foaming agent that helps prevent premature engine wear during operation by dissipating heat preventing viscosity and thermal breakdown of the oil. Friction modifiers increase the lubricating quality of the oil reducing component wear and heavy-duty extreme pressure additives enhance the oil’s ability to cushion and absorb mechanical shock.

Hy-per lube replaces .9 litres of oil in 4-6 litre petrol engines and 10 per cent by volume in diesel engines. Manual transmissions, differentials and gear boxes range between 20-40 per cent by volume. In most cases on bottle per oil change will do.

It can be difficult to prove the benefits of oil additives as the benefits may not be seen for some time, but as the saying goes prevention is always better than cure and perhaps a costly repair down the track.

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