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Oil is the life blood of the internal combustion engine, without it everything comes to a grinding halt. As Engine technology advances so must the technology behind engine lubricants. The job of engine oil is tough, it must survive thermal cycles and clean carbon particles from the crankcase just to name a few, all whilst the engine spins around at about 2000rpm.

Service intervals are becoming further and further apart and as technicians we know this can have detrimental effects on the engine. So it’s not a bad idea to give the engine oil a little helping hand as it goes about keeping the engine internals lubricated. Now I am the first person to be skeptical about the ‘magic in the bottle ‘routine, however there are some products that make me think perhaps there might be some truth to the rumour.

Rislone has been protecting engines since 1921 and their Nano PrimeTM Engine and Oil Performance Booster is their most advanced formula to date. The nano technology consists of extremely small tungsten and moly Nano spheres which can reduce friction by up to 38 per cent. It does this by shedding layers under stress, which fill in rough metal surfaces to provide a smooth surface, resulting in less engine wear and improved engine performance. The treatment also contains extreme pressure additives to reduce the effects of engine oil shear and a detergent and dispersant package preventing the build-up of oil sludge.

This product is safe to use on all engine types and is compatible with all oil viscosity grades. One container treats up to 6.5 litres of engine oil, which suits most modern engines. So why not put a bit of science into your customers next service. No doubt, over time the results will speak for themselves.

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