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Rislone One-Step Solutions

Keep your car running cool this Summer with Rislone solutions. Cars, SUVs, utes and light duty trucks have changed over the years.

In the past it used to be that a coolant leak would be obvious andrequire immediate repair, however, these days, leaks can happen and go unnoticed until the vehicle starts to seriously overheat.

To meet these ever-evolving challenges, Rislone presents a range of cooling system repair and stop leak products to get all kind of vehicles back on the road quicker than ever.

10 Minute Flush

Rislone has developed Rislone 10 Minute Flush, the quick solution for flushing your radiator and cooling system, acid free and requires no neutralising, this easy-to-use flush will purge your system of scale and debris that builds up over time.

Radiator Super Flush

For cooling systems that have oil residue or solder bloom as well as rust and scale, Rislone recommends flushing with Radiator Super Flush, a heavy duty, non-acid formula that will remove oil residue, solder bloom, rust and scale, while remaining harmless to all parts of the cooling system including copper and aluminium.

Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate

Rislone Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate seals minor leaks in plastic, aluminium and other metal radiators, cooling system gaskets, heater cores and freeze plugs, compatible with all types and colours of coolant and water.

Liquid Aluminium Radiator Stop Leak Rislone’s ever popular Liquid Aluminium Radiator Stop Leak is a next-generation stop leak, designed specifically to permanently seal coolant leaks in plastic, aluminium and copper/steel radiators, that cause most overheating problems. Rislone Liquid Aluminium Radiator Stop Leak and Rislone Cooling System Repair feature the proprietary wetting agent Xtreme Cool® which reduces the surface tension of the coolant, which increases its wetting ability and improves the transfer of heat, therefore reducing coolant temperature. As a result, Xtreme Cool® helps prevent future leaks and overheating.

Cooling System Repair

Rislone Cooling System Repair is the most advanced, complete cooling system repair ever developed. It has twice the performance of other products and is the ultimate in cooling system additives. Scientifically formulated to stop coolant leaks and reduce antifreeze/coolant loss, while correcting other cooling system problems to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.

Block Seal Intake And Radiator Stop Leak

Rislone Block Seal Intake and Radiator Stop Leak is a one-step solution for larger cooling system leaks, the sodium silicate formula allows it to work with all types of antifreeze or just water. No draining of your system required, the sealing liquid penetrates large and small leaks in plastic, aluminium and cast iron intakes, heads, blocks and radiator parts as well as taking care of any welch plug leaks.

The stop leak fibres lock together allowing them to increase strength and flexibility to promote a permanent seal that can withstand expansion and contraction of your engine and cooling system as it warms up and cools down

These premium solutions work on all 4, 6, 8 and 10 cylinder vehicles and in any petrol, turbocharged or diesel engines. This versatile cooling system solution can be used with all types and colours of antifreeze coolant/and or water. In most instances it will stop leaks instantly and it will add future protection to your cooling system.

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