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Ryco helping our Emergency Services

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Leading vehicle filter company Ryco Filters is excited to announce the launch of a new flame retardant air filter range aptly named Ryco FireGuardian™.  Designed to help protect emergency vehicles during the most extreme conditions this bushfire season, it is sure to play a part in saving lives this summer.


“Australia’s emergency services do an amazing job every summer,” said Ross Lamb, General Manager Sales & Marketing, GUD Automotive. “Anything we can do to make their job of keeping us safe easier, is a win. With the launch of our new Ryco FireGuardian air filters, we are helping to protect those who protect us.”


Ryco FireGuardian™ Air Filters prevent potentially flammable air filters from igniting after contact with hot embers, sparks or cigarette butts sucked through the air intake, greatly reducing the risk of under bonnet fires and helping emergency service vehicles on the road.


“The Ryco FireGuardian™ Air Filters inhibit combustion when exposed to embers, sparks or fire,” Ross explained. “When the filter is exposed to a flame the media will self -extinguish.  Of course this makes these air filters ideal for both support and private vehicles where there is a risk of exposure to ignition sources in bush fire zones.


“Our research has revealed that there are more than 2.7 million vehicles currently registered in fire prone areas that our new range can cater to,” Ross commented. “We consider these vehicles in the ‘At Risk’ category. Covered in the range are typical work vehicles like Toyota Hilux & Landcruiser, Isuzu D-Max and Nissan Navara’s. So, whether it’s executing a fire plan in an emergency or operating vehicles in active bush fire zones, the fitment of a flame retardant air filter provides an added level of protection for the vehicle and its passengers.”


Ryco FireGuardian™ Flame Retardant media is constructed using a combination of fibres and materials in a multi layered structure.  The first surface layer of synthetic cellulose fibres, seizes coarse dust and extends the life of the filter. The middle transition layer uses smaller fibres to trap mid-size particles, and the last layer of man-made fibres creates a higher efficiency property of the media by trapping the finest of particles.


“What provides FireGuardian™ with its flame resistance properties is the application of a non-toxic, fire retardant resin that is applied during the wet lamination process creating a flame retardant stable three-layer media,” Ross explained.

The resin used to impregnate the media has been developed with waterborne free curable resin making it environmentally friendly whereas alternative flame retardant media in the market can be made with toxic halogens that give off dangerous and corrosive gases when burnt.


In addition, Ryco FireGuardian™ Air Filters are tested to, and comply with, international test standard DIN 53438, Class F1. The filters have a 99.7% efficiency rating that doesn’t compromise flow rate while maintaining superior dust holding capacity ratings.


The range is available nationally from all good Ryco stockists. To find out more about the Ryco FireGuardian™ range visit: www.rycofilters.com.au

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