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Ryco’s latest world-class air filter

Australia’s leading filter company Ryco Filters has announced the release of a world class air filter designed specifically for the harsh Australian environment, developed utilising new Air Filter technology originally designed for the GEN3 Supercar program.

Ryco engineers have continued to research and design new ways to ensure fine dust environments are no challenge for their filters. The all-new Ryco NanoCel™ High Efficiency Air Filter was developed and tested in Australia to do just that. Ryco utilised Australia’s only dedicated filtration laboratory with stringent testing procedures to design something that could not only uphold OE standards, but exceed them, taking into consideration what could work for the Australian climate and conditions.

The new patented honeycomb cell structure made up of nano-fibre media was the inspiration behind name for the newest edition to their range, and incorporates a total of 4sqm of filtration area. For comparison, that’s 4x the filtration area of the OE equivalent. Allowing for a greater amount media to fit into small spaces maintains the engine’s life and flow by acting as a stronger catchment for dust and particulates not visible to the naked eye.

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General Manager of Engineering and Innovation, Alastair Hampton, said this of Ryco’s newest air filter; “Research shows there is a direct correlation between dust ingestion and engine life.

After working with Supercars, we knew if there was something we could do in motorsport to extend engine life, we could translate that technology to passenger vehicles. Preventing dust ingestion from happening early on by designing filtration performance made specifically to combat Australian silica and ambient dust levels would mean fine dust environments are no match for the A5001R.”

The new addition to Ryco’s wide range of products also boasts easy installation, a unique seal design based off the Supercars seal, flame retardant material, and a reduction of dust ingestion by >90 per cent compared to OE. It is just the first release in Ryco’s newest range with more applications coming soon.

The new A5001R Ryco NanoCel™ High Efficiency Air Filter is available from all good Ryco stockists. For full product specification sheets, contact your local Ryco representative.

So, when you’re in the harshest and most rigorous of Australian conditions, Be Ryco Ready.

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