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Schaeffler’s Front End Auxiliary Drive

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The simple solution for a complete FEAD system repair.

For a professional repair of the Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) which supplies power to the auxiliary equipment and supports vehicle comfort and safety – it’s important to observe the vehicle manufacturer testing and replacement intervals.

The FEAD system includes high output alternators, air conditioning, power steering pump and start-stop systems. Additionally, downsized engines with their greater power requirements places further demands on the system.

Schaeffler engineers recommend the replacement of the entire FEAD when a fault is detected in any of the system components. This is due to the high demands on the system which is designed to work perfectly together, as all components are subjected to the same levels of wear.

The INA FEAD KIT contains all components required for a complete system replacement in OE quality for a lasting repair.

  • Drive Belt (or ‘serpentine’, ‘V-belt’, ‘multi-ribbed belt’) – the drive belt transfers the rotational movement of thecrankshaft to the components being driven
  • Idler Pulleys – guide the course of the multi-ribbed belt to the auxiliary components ensuring optimum torque transmission
  • Belt tensioner – mechanic or hydraulic tensioner ensures the belt remains at the optimum tension, preventing slippage, noise and belt vibration
  • Alternator Pulleys – used on the rotor shaft of the alternator to dampen all vibration in the belt drive. The pulley disconnects the rotor from the rotational irregularities of the engine
  • Overruning Alternator Pulley (OAP) & Overruning Alternator Decoupler (OAD) controls alternator speed and dampens the entire FEAD
  • Belt Pulley Decoupler – dampens oscillation of the crankshaft, minimising noise and vibrations
  • Water Pump – circulates coolant mixture to prevent overheating and engine damage.

Each INA FEAD KIT is tailored to a specific vehicle type and includes the drive belt, tensioning pulley, deflection pulley and necessary accessories. Depending on vehicle type, the kit may also include an overrunning alternator pulley, torsional vibration damper, pulley decoupler or a water pump. A specific belt-route diagram also helps make assembly fast and easy.

Visit Schaeffler’s www.repxpert.com.au  technical portal or REPXPERT App for more information and the full INA Front End Auxiliary Drive spare parts catalogue 2019/20

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