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Scooter sales on rise in latest figures

Scooter sales

Scooter sales have risen by 9 per cent compared to last year in Australia.

This is according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), who released the latest figures on motorcycles and off highway vehicles (OHV).

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A total of 68,752 motorcycles of OHVs have been sold between January and September 2023.

While scooters sales only accounted for 6.4 per cent of total sales (4,413 scooters), FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said it was still a positive indicator.

“Although Scooters are a small portion of the overall market, it was important to note the significant increase in sales compared with 2022,” he said. “This is a turn round from the results we were seeing during the first six months.”

OHV sales increased by 0.1 per cent on last year to represent 16.2 per cent of total sales (11,175).

However, both off and on-road motorcycle sales fell by 5.9 and 1.1 per cent respectively.

“The economic environment continues to impact sales of motorcycles and scooters as people deal with cost-of-living pressures and rising interest rates,” Mr Weber said.
“However, motorcycles and scooters continue to be a viable option for personal transport, often ideal for short journeys along with reducing traffic congestion”

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