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Sealing The Deal With JB Weld RTV Silicone

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Parts are the mainstay of any workshop; they are the bread and butter items that keep the wheels turning – literally. But how many times have you almost finished a job to find that there is something like a gasket missing, lost or broken, and time is ticking away?

Scenario number two; you’re working on an older car and not all parts are readily available That’s when you need an instant solution that is proven and convenient.

JB Weld is a master at providing these solutions and JB Weld Original Cold-Weld (#8265-s) Steel Reinforced Epoxy is a product that is on every workshop inventory, as is the JB Weld RTV silicone range.

Most workshops will use JB Weld RTV silicones on a daily basis because they are used to seal a whole host of parts such as valve covers, timing covers, sumps and more; essentially surfaces that need to keep the fluid in and the dirt out.

RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing, which means that the silicone cures at room temperature when exposed to moisture in the air. It sets in around an hour with a full cure in 24 hours.

JB Weld uses 100 per cent Silicone for its range and is ideal for gaskets because it has very low shrinkage when cured, and the material remains compliant without being hard or brittle. It is also resistant to gas, diesel, oil and other automotive fluids, so it won’t disintegrate over time.

Each type of RTV silicone – denoted by the differing colours – has its own characteristics that makes one better than another depending on the application.

Ultimate Black is commonly used in OEM applications and has a higher resistance to heat and is best used on parts such as sumps.

Ultimate Grey RTV is for high torque uses like intake manifolds where high torque loads are applied to the sealant. This sealant is more flexible when cured and remains oil resistant.

Hi-Temp Red RTV is for uses where there is substantial heat such as exhaust manifolds. It is also sensor safe and can be used on O2 sensors.

Copper RTV is three times more oil resistant than conventional silicones and designed to resist the high operating temperatures of turbocharged or high-performance engines.

Blue RTV is also a general-purpose silicone. There are a couple of varieties which include ‘sensor-safe’ that means that engine and transmission sensors will not be affected by the silicone. This product is not designed for high temperatures.

Black RTV is a general-purpose product used for sealing a variety of metals, rubber and glass and ideal for auto and household applications.

White RTV is a general-purpose silicone for use in household or mechanical assembly applications and forms a tough, waterproof, mildew and mould resistant seal.

Clear RTV is good to use where you don’t want the product to be easily seen such as sealing windscreens. It works on ceramics, cloth and carpet, glass, rubber and metals.

While JB Weld RTV silicone is ideal for permanent seals it can also be used in applications where repeated removal is necessary such as valve covers. The trick there is to apply the silicone and allow it to cure before installing the part. This makes a flexible seal that does not bond to the other surface; however, you have to use the right amount of silicone build-up to make sure there is a proper seal in place.

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