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Servicing Essentials

A modern service centre needs a big array of tools and ancillary equipment just to maintain dayto- day operations. A generation ago a good set of AF and metric spanners and a selection of screwdrivers and gripping tools would hold a tradesman mechanic in good stead, but in today’s workshop those things wouldn’t even make ‘the basics’. Specialised tools for different marques and tasks are just the start.

Software is a huge part of any service process on a modern vehicle, as is the technical knowledge on how to use that software. So covering ‘servicing essentials’ is a big task, worthy of a big industry journal – like ACM.

Even we don’t claim we can cover it all, but what we have put together for this issue is a collection really first-class and versatile outfits that will be able to keep up with the needs of any modern, hard-working service centre, from large, multibrand, capital-city dealerships to single-hoist lube bays in country towns. We’ve included names like Gearwrench, who do customisable equipment to help mechanics get and stay organised, and Warren & Brown, whose interactive gives customers full access to more than 800 quality products, express-delivery options, secure payment options, live chat, special offers and promotions.

HPP Lunds is another company which offers complete car care and can even boast Formula 1 experience, and Ryco, which has a huge range of equipment in a variety of different workshop fields, is raising the bar in the time of COVID19 with the anti-virus vehicle-cabin filtration in its upgraded MicroShield range.
There’s a lot to learn in just a few pages. You’d better get started…-

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