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Quickly repair damaged bolts and threaded rods with the handy Chamfer-Pro range by Warren & Brown Tools.

The Chamfer-Pro range by Warren & Brown Tools is quickly becoming an indispensable addition to toolboxes and pouches all around Australia. The deburring tool bits have been produced to quickly remove external burrs and ridges from damaged bolts, pipes or threaded rods.

Easy to use by simply attaching the Chamfer-Pro tool bit to a standard drill, operating at the lowest speed setting and then applying slight pressure to remove the burr from the bolt or rod. The tool works by shearing metal layer by layer, leaving you with a clean thread to work with, not folded over which can happen when using a grinder.

The external deburring chamfer tool simplifies the repair process, by reducing repair time, while also avoiding the need to replace costly or hard-to-find hardware. No more painstaking hand filing or using dangerous grinders. This tool can be a great money saver, particularly when working with bolts that are fixed in place and cannot be disassembled.

Made from high carbon alloy steel with four cutting edges, the small and robust Chamfer-Pro is suitable for use on a wide range of materials including stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper, brass, wood, fibreglass and plastic. When used correctly, the Chamfer-Pro tool does not overheat the work piece, preventing sparks, burns and cut hands and helping you to work faster and safer. Following on from the success of the original Chamfer-Pro (Part No. 162050), earlier this year WB Tools expanded the range to include the new “mini” size Chamfer-Pro (Part No. 162051).

Now available in the two handy sizes to suit many job applications, the simple design and compact size make the Chamfer-Pro an easy to carry toolbox essential. The Chamfer-Pro has a cutting diameter ranging from 3mm to 12mm (Part No. 162051) to 10mm– 26mm (Part No. 162050).

A simple but great tool to have on hand at work or home, the Chamfer-Pro is convenient, durable and ideal for use in the workshop or at home for those DIY projects.

Get yours today from your local Warren Brown Tools distributor or order online.

For more information on the full range of hand tools visit Warren & Brown Tools online at www.wbtools.com.au

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