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Starting from humble beginnings buying parts for his own mark 1 Escort he was restoring, Stephen McKay of smcka performance had no idea that 5 years later he would be importing containers full of parts for his hobby turned business.

Now he owns one of the largest companies that specialises in all UK-sourced Fords, with an emphasis on the Escort models. Predominantly an on-line business, it boasts a large customer base with many repeat customers and an ever-increasing range of products which are targeted at the restorer and the street modifier through to competition cars on track and gravel.

With core ranges of body panels and rust repair sections, brakes, suspension, steering, gearbox and diff items and glass the range of parts does not cover everything but does offer quality items that are sourced from known suppliers in the UK.

Stephen commented that over the past years the range has been refined and culled to improve the quality of product and this has resulted in a very low product return rate. “Offering quality parts at reasonable pricing is the aim of my business, and so far our customers have found that when comparing buying direct from the UK our pricing invariably comes in cheaper” said Stephen. “We hold a large quantity of stock allowing us to supply our customers immediately and we regularly ship stock orders in to keep stock on the shelf”.

With the restoration of the Northern Sydney Institute Escort, Smcka performance jumped at the chance to be involved. “This type of project is exactly what our customers are working on. A car that has been left derelict for years and then an enthusiast takes ownership of it to bring it back on the road and show their individualism by modifying it. We’re also proud to be able to say we can supply nearly all the major parts the guys will need to bring this car back on to the road and give it many years of life”.

For more information please contact Stephen on 0413 389 332 or visit

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