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Rislone Nano Prime – Smooth Running

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Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Performance Booster utilises ground breaking patented nano-technology to provide engines both old and new with significantly greater protection against friction and wear.

When added to your conventional oils, Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Performance Booster will reduce internal friction by up to 38 per cent and internal wear by up to 37 per cent. Even semi and full synthetic oils reap the benefits from the addition of Rislone Nano Prime – resulting in a 25 per cent reduction of internal friction and 36 per cent internal wear – all of which has been certified through ASTM testing (American Society for Testing and Materials) which are recognised and trusted worldwide.

Rislone Nano Prime was tested using the 4-Ball Performance Test for Wear and Coefficient of Friction and results show that, when added to conventional or synthetic oils in petrol, diesel, turbocharged or racing engines, internal wear and friction is greatly reduced, which also leads to an increase in horsepower, longer engine life and more fuel efficiency with less emissions. Turbos were also protected from overheating and excessive exhaust gas temperatures.

Engine oils today are struggling to keep up with the demands of modern hard-working engines, while taking care of the needs of the overworked ones of yesterday, all while maintaining stringent emissions standard. The result is that oils of all grades tend to lack the performance and quality required to thoroughly protect your engine. Rislone Nano Prime will boost your oil to provide optimum protection and deliver greater vehicle performance.

Under the microscope, engine metal on both high kilometre and new vehicles has rough contact surfaces which contribute to friction and wear. Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Performance Booster contains extremely small tungsten sulfide (WS2) nano-spheres (less than three billionths of an inch), which act like microscopic ball bearings moving between metal engine parts. Their unique multi-layered round shape acts like a spring cushion, preventing metal-to-metal contact. Under high pressure, the tungsten nano-spheres sacrifice their layers, which attach to and fill in microscopic surface roughness, forming a protective layer on metal surfaces.

Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Performance Booster utilises a GF-5/ SN rated synthetic motor oil carrier and contains additional additives which penetrate bearing surfaces, piston rings and grooves (where sludge and varnish would normally form), and prevent the build up from occurring.

The high lubricity formula gradually removes existing deposits, which are suspended in the engine oil and circulated until they are trapped in the oil filter or removed at the next oil change. The overall result is increased performance in all vehicles resulting in reduced friction and wear, while helping engines run smoother, cleaner, cooler, quieter and more fuel efficiently.

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