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Specialised Removal of Diesel Injectors and Broken Glow Plugs

ASpecialised Tools Australia, the team specialise in tools for Diesel fuel system maintenance, repair and replacement, and especially tools for removing seized and/or broken injectors and glow plugs. They have many tools for specific vehicles, injectors and glow plugs as well as larger, more versatile kits that will adapt to a range of components.

Removing injectors and glow plugs without damaging or having to remove components around them can be very daunting – especially if there is a build-up of material around leaking injectors and glow plugs or even simply gaining access to the part that is to be removed. If they are in poor condition or for various reasons, stuck fast and/or broken off, the task is much more difficult. Often these jobs may require the disassembly of many engine components to gain access, especially if you don’t have the correct tools. A very time consuming and often frustrating exercise.

This is when you need to know what tools and techniques are available to you here in Australia. In their Canberra warehouse, Specialist Tools Australia stocks a range of top-quality tools for just these situations, and they also have the technical back up from extensively experienced diesel technicians who have had to deal with these situations many times, have used these tools and they’re happy to share their knowledge.

Removing diesel injectors requires the correct adapter for the injector to provide the greatest pulling force; Specialist Tools Australia has many kits that will screw into the head of the injector or encapsulate the injector at specific points to give the greatest pulling power, reducing the likelihood of damaging the injector, cylinder head or any other engine component.

They also have a number of kits designed for specific injectors and engines allowing the user to set up supports and cross bars that can screw into the engine block or sit securely onto support points giving you the resistance force at the correct angle to remove the injector.

GO425 Govoni Bosch Delphi Injector Extractor Kit enables tightly fixed injectors and nozzles to be removed without dismounting the cylinder head of many vehicles, including Mercedes Sprinters and Vitos. The injector solenoid is disassembled and the adapter is screwed into the injector for removal.

The M9R Diesel Injector Removal Kit (GO426) addresses many issues found in Renault, Nissan and Opel vehicles with Bosch Piezo or Bosch CR Injectors. The kit provides attachments for complete injector removal and incorporates tools that can attach at various breaking points on the injectors, enabling the complete removal of a broken injector. If the injector is badly rusted or heavily coked and completely stuck – a Mechadraulic cylinder can be attached to provide suitable force. This kit enables injector removal without damaging the cylinder head, making it a very valuable asset in working on these diesel engines.

Generally, if you can find the correct tool that will attach to the injector and then use a slide hammer, hydraulic ram or other pulling arrangement to extract the injectors with the least amount of impact or jarring to ensure their safe removal – then it is just a matter of ensuring that the recess is clean, and that the injector seat is cut square to the perpendicular, ensuring the new or remanufactured injectors fits without leaking in the recess on reinserting.

GO440 Govoni Injector Adapter Kit with Slide Hammer has pliers, socket and articulated joint adapters which enable the injector to remain intact and working after removal. These adapters suit many Denso, Bosch, Siemens and Dephi injectors

The GO427 – Govoni Injector Adaptor and Puller Kit for Common Rail Diesel set allows you to adapt to most injectors. The double adapters are simultaneously adjusted internally on the screwing ring thread and externally on the nozzle head. The accessory allow connection with a traction system.

The disassembling screw adapter helps to create a stressed force coupled connection between the injector and the sliding rod or the glow plug. In this way the extraction can be executed with high impact and hydraulic forces. These adapters are extremely robust and well made.

The Mechadraulic Cylinder GO1015 (with five threaded adapters) and GO1010 both come with 12 tonnes of pulling power at the turn of your spanner, smooth and nonjarring. These cylinder rams are extremely useful in confined spaces, and the hollow core enables versatility in attachment, not only for stuck injectors but also for many other applications in automotive repair.

The GO1030 – 700 Bar Hand Pump is also very useful when you require a controlled lift on hydraulic devices. Specialist Tools Australia has many other injector remover and puller systems to suit just about any application.

Glow plugs may be even more difficult than injectors as they become seized in the cylinder head recess thread due to moisture or debris within the thread. This can cause the glow plug to break at the body on removal for replacement or, alternately, the glow plug electrode (Tip) can swell over time and become stuck in the head and break off, leaving the electrode in the cylinder head. Specialist Tools Australia has in stock a number of kits that are specifically for removing the electrode tips when broken off in the cylinder head – SA-3752, G0540, G0451 or G311188000. For more information visit the Specialist Tools Australia website or give them a call.

GO470 Govoni Complete Broken Glow Plug Removal Set removes stuck, damaged or broken glow plugs, especially where they have sheared off under the hex flush with the cylinder head. Includes adaptors for drilling, centring and pulling. This set also contains the plastic-coated white magnet which cannot damage components but is strong enough to remove washers and debris from recesses and can be purchased separately.

Using this set allows the cylinder head to be left in place. However, if this is done, the relevant injector should be removed, and an airline connected using the GO509 DummyInjector Pneumatic Air Adaptor to ensure that no contamination (metal shavings, dirt etc…) enters the combustion chamber during the removal process.

Specialist Tools Australia has pneumatic air blowing tools that remove debris from the injector and glow plug recess. These tools are secured into the recess and air forced through ensuring that debris does not lodge in the cylinder where it can cause catastrophic damage. They are simply fitted into the injector or glow plug recess and the air volume is adjusted via the switch on the tool as required.

Go to to explore the Specialist Tools Australia range of tools or phone the team at Specialist Tools Australia on (02) 6280 4334 (Canberra) to discuss your requirements or get technical advice on your job.

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