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Spoilt for Choice – Standard Ryco Filters vs Ryco Syntec Oil Filters

In order to match the right oil filter to a car we need to understand the job that the oil filter has as part of the engine.

In addition to Ryco offering standard oil filters, Ryco now offers the premium SynTec oil filter for those looking for just that little bit extra with their oil filtration. With both options on the table however, when would you opt for the standard Ryco filter and when would you go for the SynTec option?

First, we need understand the job that the oil filter has as part of the engine. The build-up of particles in your engine oil is a normal by-product of vehicle use and over time, this accelerates as carbon and oil sludge accumulates within the engine. Each time we perform an oil change, we’re essentially helping slow down the engine’s wear cycle by adding fresh, vital lubrication.

The oil filter’s role in all of this is to trap these contaminants and filter the oil for its next cycle through the engine.

Standard Ryco Oil Filters are designed to deliver a balance of efficiency, life and flow for optimal quality engine filtration. This is essential for maintaining peak performance, engine reliability and reducing engine wear. Media selection is an important step in the design process of the Ryco oil filter. The filtration media within an oil filter ensures that the filter meets or succeeds that of its OEM equivalent, protecting the engine for the entirety of the service interval. As is the Ryco way, Ryco oil filters are tested in the Ryco lab to meet or exceed OE equivalents and to international ISO and SAE standards.

The standard Ryco Oil Filter is built tough with the right internal components for the vehicle as well as the sturdy spin-on can be capable of withstanding high surge pressures that occur during cold starts to help maintain performance. This makes it perfect for servicing your everyday vehicle, keeping it ready and reliable for day-to-day use.

When it comes to the Ryco SynTec Oil Filter, you can be assured designed and constructed to the same the kind of quality standards that you would expect from a Ryco product. However, giving it edge of the over the standard Ryco filter, the Ryco SynTec Oil Filter implements a High Efficiency Media that’s made in the USA using the latest manufacturing techniques, including the use of Nano Fibre Technology. This provides a tightly woven synthetic media, which creates a dense path that is designed to trap more dirt as oil moves through it, removing 99.8 per cent of contaminants without increasing the pressure drop across the filter.

The overall efficiency and life rating of the Ryco SynTec Oil Filter ensures that it maintains a life of 15,000 kilometres whilst not compromising the flow of oil. Not only that, but the Ryco SynTec Oil Filter is designed to resist temperatures up to 260°C as well as chemical attack. This extra level of efficiency makes the Ryco SynTec Oil Filter perfect for the car that demands just that little bit extra when it comes to its oil filtration and engine protection. For instance, the Ryco SynTec Z160ST Oil Filter is used on Tickford race cars in the Australian Supercars Championship. So, if it’s perfect for motorsport use, it’ll be perfect for your JDM icon or Aussie muscle car.

Whether it’s the standard Ryco Oil Filter or the premium Ryco SynTec Oil Filter, you can be sure that both options have been put through extensive testing within Ryco’s dedicated filtration laboratory to ensure quality that meets or succeeds that of their OEM equivalent.

If you’re servicing your everyday vehicle, the standard Ryco Oil Filter is more than up to task of keeping your engine healthy. However, if you’re the proud owner of a something a bit more special, the premium Ryco SynTec Oil Filter is a more than worthy investment. Either way, when it comes to selecting your next oil filter, be sure to opt for Ryco.

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